Waterproof VS. Water-Resistant Flooring

Are you like me and you are today’s year old and still not sure what the difference is between waterproof and water resistant? If so, let’s see a show of hands! I will be 100% honest with you I didn’t think there was a difference until I started working here.

Water Resistant: This type of flooring will only resist the water for a few days before it begins to break down.

Waterproof: This type of flooring will not have any penetration of water. Therefore, with this type of flooring, you will not see it break down.

Now that we have went over the difference we can go onto some other aspects of the flooring. Right now, we are going to go over design and color of flooring.

When it comes to either one of these types of flooring you will be able to find almost any color and any design that you are searching for.  When you are searching for these you are more than likely going to find these in a vinyl or luxury vinyl flooring. These will be a hard surface for sure. So, if you are looking for a softer flooring this is not something you want to be diving into.

Another thing that is brought up when it comes to floor is the acoustics in the room. When you are researching waterproof and water-resistant flooring a thing you will find is that these types of flooring are not made for soundproof rooms.

Also, if you have kids like my nieces, they are typically loud and have not figured out what their inside voices are. There will be an echo with the water-resistant or waterproof flooring. However, due to the plastic that is in the flooring that will absorb some of that sound.

So, the echo could be a lot worse with other types of flooring. So, that is something to take into consideration as well.

Durability. Well, this is kind of a hot topic you could say. These floorings are durable. However, it really all depends on the traffic of the area in which these flooring will be laid. Also, if we are solely basing it off of water damage, waterproof flooring would be your best option.

This is because with a typical spill this flooring will not be penetrated. Now, if you have a flood, that is a whole other ball game. Even a waterproof floor will not hold up a flood. The water will not break the boards. However, the water will get under them.

Therefore, the flooring will need to come up to make sure that the drying/restoration process is done correctly and safely for your business or home.

What Cleans better? Personally, I would choose a waterproof floor. We all have our own opinions.  The best thing about the waterproof flooring is the fact that you can use just about any type of cleaner on your floors, do make a mental know that I said almost any, and not all you guys.

I would suggest being careful though. Mainly because if you go with a high PH cleaner you could damage the finish of the floor.

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