Air Duct Cleaning Louisville KY

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service Louisville KY

Dirty air ducts will make you sick and your allergies will get Worst. But, don’t worry. At Rodriguez Air Duct Cleaning Louisville KY, we are aware of the importance of offering a professional air duct cleaning service that will improve your health and the ones you love. Our Company is known in Louisville for the quality of Services we offer.  Air Duct Cleaning Louisville, KY.

We know you have been looking for professional air duct cleaning service Louisville but there are many choices and you don’t know who to trust. These are the comments we get from our air duct cleaning clients before they hire us. If your allergies are killing you,  a newborn baby, you are moving into a new home, you are fighting with dust on your furniture or you haven’t clean your air duct in five years; you will benefit from our professional air duct cleaning service Louisville.

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Our Louisville Air Duct Cleaning Services Includes.

  • Inspect your air duct lines and Returns.
  • Setting up and Protecting your floor and Furniture.
  • Checking HVAC System and filters, We will clean coils, drain pans, fans and duct surfaces.
  • Your air ducts registers will be clean and wipe down.
  • Your air duct vents and returns will be clean it with the Ram Air Duct Cleaning System. If you want to see how it works click here. Ram Air Duct Cleaning.

Disinfectant Application and Decontamination Services

We can Treat all your textiles and surfaces at your Home or Building.

Our Disinfectant Kill 99.9 % of all viruses. EPA approved and Listed on CDC.Org

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Why Rodriguez Air duct cleaning Louisville, KY Specialists?

Our Louisville Air Duct Cleaning Service is not using a shop vac to clean your air duct or wipe down the vents as some companies do in Town.

We will come out to your house and inspect your air duct with you to find and assets your air duct cleaning needs and explain you the process we will follow to clean your air ducts.We will give you a firm proposal on paper with the final price on it. There is no hidden fees or surprises at the end of the service.Photos and videos can be taken at your request as proof of cleaning.

Professional air duct cleaning louisville ky

You Will also receive our 100% Money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service we will rush back to your place and fix any issue, if you are still unhappy we will refund your money. Let me tell you, we are not in the refund business. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our hard work and dedication will wow you from the time we walk in your home.

Our technicians drive clean and presentable trucks, they also wear uniforms with our company logo. Just give us a call right now to experience the differences. Rodriguez Cleaning Services is here for you 502-365-6779  

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#1 Rated Carpet and Rug Cleaning Company

Our floor looks amazing! Dayron was professional and prompt. He did exactly what we wanted and we are so excited for our customers to see our beautiful floor here at Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique! Thank you so much to Rodriguez Cleaning and Restoration. We will refer you and use you again for sure.

Rebecca Kimura, Rebecca's Wedding Boutique

Rodriguez Cleaning Service was professional, prompt and they delivered on their promise. Jeremy was professional and courteous and it was an extra bonus that Mr. Rodriguez came by personally to meet me and check on the job. I appreciate the company’s sense or urgency and work ethic. They will continue to receive my business and I am very confident in offering my recommendation of this company.

Theresa Beames

We had our carpets cleaned with them last year and our vents cleaned this fall and are always impressed and fully satisfied with the excellent customer service and professional technicians! I am in the interior design industry and ALWAYS refer this company for our clients!

Sara Reyes

Why a Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service?

  • In your hundreds of square feet of surface in your air ducts, you have years of accumulation of dead insects, spider webs, pollen hair, dust, dirt , dust mites and other allergens.
  • Mold spores and moisture can breed mold growth in contaminated air ducts systems.
  • Having clean air ducts will reduce your allergies, asthma and some other health issues.
  • Our Professional Air duct Cleaning Service will reduce bad odors from smoke, cooking, and Pets. If you have Odor issues at home we also specialize in odor removal. This will be an additional service.

Benefits of having your air ducts cleaned professionally.

  • Allergies, asthma and other health breathing issues will improve exponentially.
  • Your Cooling and Heating bill will get lower because efficiency will improve.
  •  Bad Odors in your home will reduce or go away.
  • Less dusting on a regular base at home.

What’s unique about Rodriguez Air Duct Cleaning Louisville?

  • Free in Home Inspection valued at $ 75 and Written Price at front.
  • Have a 5 stars rated company cleaning your air ducts.
  • Truly air duct cleaning service is done in front of you and video camera inspection available to you.
  • Rodriguez Cleaning Service is Exclusively referred by many HVAC Companies such as Wright Mechanical and Accutemp Heating and Air Conditioning.
  • 100% Money back guaranteed. You don’t take any risk.
  • Well trained technicians on air duct cleaning service.
  • Dustless and professional equipment to clean your air ducts.
  • We are not only an Air Duct Cleaning Company, But We are also IICRC certified Flooring Cleaning Company.