Do you hate those coffee stains or traffic lines in your Office?  Tired of dealing with spills around the office? Check Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Rodriguez Cleaning Services is here to help you with your commercial  carpet and flooring issues.

Recurring coffee spills, patterns in the high traffic areas, restroom odors and some other issues don’t let feel comfortable in your office?

These are common challenges every office or commercial place faces, ignoring this common issues can lead to permanent stains. Take care of this issues is very easy and can help you fix it with Free, Ongoing Support to maintain and keep your building’s carpet and tile even after every service. Once we have thoroughly power scrubbed and steam cleaned your carpet, we can keep it looking clean longer and also take care of any spot! Technology is getting better every day and now we can apply carpet protector to your carpets which will help shield against acid based spills like coffee and sugary drinks often found in office settings and most commonly in commercial building where there is a lot of traffic like, doctor offices, day care center, dental centers, eyes care center and some others. Usually in this place we have a lot of people coming in and coming out; many times they bring some king of drink with them and many times they spill some on your flooring.By keeping a clean and safety environment you will make your employees and visitors feel more welcomed. Have you ever been in a building with dirty carpets? What do you think?

Those feeling that are coming to you now is what we can take away from you and the people that come to your building. You will hire us to keep your building looking its best and be presentable all the time for employees and visitors. A welcome feel will help achieve a higher productivity and sale for sure.

We Provide Specialty Commercial Cleaning Services:

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout deep steam cleaning/ Sealer
  • Low moisture carpet cleaning
  • VCT floor stripping and waxing/ sealer
  • Commercial Carpet spot and stain removal
  • Office chairs steam cleaning
  • Cubicle Partitions
  • Construction Clean-up or final Cleaning Services
  • Commercial Window Cleaning
  • Commercial Emergency Water Extraction and Restoration.
  • Restrooms Steam Tile cleaning and sanitation.

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Rodriguez Cleaning Services is a leading provider of carpet and tile cleaning for Commercial buildings in Louisville KY. Our commitment to you is that we will provide a clean and healthy environment to your employees and costumers through our state of the art cleaning technology

Don’t forget you also have the option to stop worrying about those coffee spills with our protector. Our carpet protector can save you money and time.

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