Hardwood Floor Cleaning Louisville KY

Wood Floor Cleaning Louisville Kentucky

Dirty Hardwood Floors? Dull or worn Wood Floors? You Mop your wood floors but it seems that it is not getting Clean! If you need any hardwood floor cleaning Louisville, you found your local wood floor cleaning company. At Rodriguez Hardwood floor cleaning you will find professional Technicians with the experience to clean your wood floors. Our Professional Cleaning Technicians are trained and educated in all types of hardwood floors from engineered, natural wood floors to Laminated Flooring. We understand the differences in flooring and recommended methods of cleaning by Most Flooring Mills. Give us a call a receive the best hardwood floor cleaning ever and have peace of mind that you are in good hands.

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At Rodriguez Hardwood Floor Cleaning You will find the best service your money can buy. Check what others have to say about the quality and professionalism of our wood floor cleaning service in Louisville Kentucky

Rodriguez 9 Steps Wood Floor Cleaning Process

We first determine if the floor contains any wax, oily residue, or other contaminants which may affect the adhesion of a new finish. We also find out what method is needed, as well as the type of hardwood floors you have to see if it can be cleaned.

All movable furniture will be moved prior to cleaning.

Our technicians thoroughly sweep or dust mop the entire area, to remove any loose debris, maximizing the results we obtain dry soil will be vacuumed. Just like any cleaning process, dry soil removal is most important.

All movable furniture will be moved prior to cleaning.

If your Hardwood floors are heavily soiled, we will use mechanical or hand scrubbing tools to get the soil loose.

The wood floor cleaning process is done with wood safe cleaners and state-of-the-art equipment which PRODUCES NO DUST WHATSOEVER! Most common spills, food residues, grease, pet oils and household pollutants will be removed without abrading or damaging your hardwood floors.

By the time we are finished cleaning; your floors should be dried. Our cleaning process uses a minimum amount of water. Our Products are an alcohol based product they dry much quicker but we will mop your floor if we see any drop of wetness behind.

This is an additional option that we have for you, we can apply a finish to make your floors much shinier.

This is a crucial step. When we finish we will walk thought with you to make sure you inspect the floors with us. The technician will go over the final results.

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Our floor looks amazing! Dayron was professional and prompt. He did exactly what we wanted and we are so excited for our customers to see our beautiful floor here at Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique! Thank you so much to Rodriguez Cleaning and Restoration. We will refer you and use you again for sure.

Rebecca Kimura, Rebecca's Wedding Boutique

Rodriguez Cleaning Service was professional, prompt and they delivered on their promise. Jeremy was professional and courteous and it was an extra bonus that Mr. Rodriguez came by personally to meet me and check on the job. I appreciate the company’s sense or urgency and work ethic. They will continue to receive my business and I am very confident in offering my recommendation of this company.

Theresa Beames

We had our carpets cleaned with them last year and our vents cleaned this fall and are always impressed and fully satisfied with the excellent customer service and professional technicians! I am in the interior design industry and ALWAYS refer this company for our clients!

Sara Reyes

Professional Wood Floor Cleaning Service

This Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service is for you if :

  • You want a dustless, cleaning process to bright and restore the life of your wood floors or laminate flooring.
  • You want a finish or sealed applied for easier cleaning.
  • You have lost some of your original finish but is not worn out totally.
  • You have some light scuffs and scratches. This process is not designed to refinish and sand your floors.
  • You have built up from an accumulation of soiling and you want this cleaned up.

Why Rodriguez Wood Floor Cleaning Services?

  • Rodriguez Wood Floor Cleaning Services is exclusively referred by most Local Flooring Dealer and Interior designers to their clients here in Louisville to help with the cleaning of their hardwood floors cleaning.
  • We Have Experience Cleaning any type of soiling conditions know to our industry as well as all the types of hardwood floors that can be clean with our equipment.
  • Our systems are the most advanced on the market for hardwood floor cleaning and restoration.
  •  At Rodriguez Cleaning Services you will find trained and educated technicians working at your home.
  •  Every service that we offer comes with 100% money-back guaranteed. If you are not happy we will rush back to your home redo the cleaning for you or you will receive a refund.

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Rodriguez Cleaning and Restoration Services have been servicing the Louisville area since 2012. We are your local hardwood floor cleaning company Louisville. We can assist you with the cleaning of one room in your home or your office here in Louisville or surrounding areas in Kentucky. Give us a call for a free consultation.