Carpet Cleaning Louisville KY

Looking For The Best Carpet Cleaning Louisville KY? Your Dog or Cat had an accident on your carpets and now you have a stain and bad odors that you can not stand anymore. You tried to clean what your kids spilled but that dark spot on your carpet keeps coming back. Your stairs or traffic lines just keep getting worse and darker. These are some common issues we see when we go into homes like yours to help our clients. Don’t worry, we can save your carpets, we do it every day. Carpet Cleaning Louisville ky is our Specialty.

Carpet Cleaning Louisville Kentucky

Any Textile Cleaning or Restorations Need We can Help you With?

Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Louisville

Here are Just a Few Benefits that you receive when you Hire the Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning. Children and Pet safe Solutions. Clean and Fresh Smell When we Finish. Reduces allergies Symptoms. Better Cleaning, Drys Faster.

Your Louisville Professional Carpet Cleaning Services
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Professional Techs

Our Technicians are fully trained and Certified. They go through a rigorous background check.

Amazing Results

We specialize in spot and stain removal. Our Process removes years of dirt on your carpets.

Better Indoor Quality

Cleaning Process removes 99.9% of all bacterias and pollutants. Dust Mites, Pet Dander, and more.

Don’t worry at Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning Louisville KY. We understand all your concerns and Needs. We are helping a lot of people in the same situation you are Now. Receive the Best and most Professional Carpet Cleaning service your money can buy. Ask our Specialist about our pet odor removal service in Louisville, we also specialize on pet odor and stain removal.

Disinfectant Application and Decontamination Services

We can Treat all your textiles and surfaces at your Home or Building.

Our Disinfectant Kill 99.9 % of all viruses. EPA approved and Listed on CDC.Org

Rodriguez 12 Step Carpet Cleaning Louisville Process.

Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning Specialist will walk through with you and inspect each area of your concern to identify any possible permanent stain, wear and tear as well a heavily soiled area.

After carpet cleaning proposal has been review and sign by You. Each Area of work will be set up and Vaccum to remove any dry soil

Beds, Dressers, and Haviers pieces moving are not included in our regular price. Our Specialist can quote the cost of moving it for you. Sofa, chairs, tables and smaller items will be move as you request at no additional charge.

Entire Carpet Area will be preconditioned with an emulsifying agent that breaks down traffic area soil as well as general spots.

More difficult spots will be Pre-treated with a special solution for a better chance of removal.

Depending on Soiling Conditions Rotorary Machine or carpet Grooming will be used to further loosen the soil.

Carpet will be Thoroughly Rinse with clean and fresh hot water pressurize and heated regulated with our state-of-art-truck-mounted to ensure not over wetting and leaving any sticky residue behind.

The PH of each carpet we cleaned will be balanced during the rinse process or a Post spray will be applied.

Any spot remaining Will be re-treated with our specialty spotting solutions. Protector is recommended to be applied to extend the life of carpet and prevent additional spots.

Protector is recommended to be applied to extend the life of your carpets and Prevent permanent stains. Carpet will be Groomed as your request it helps to speed up drying time.

High Velocity and Commercial Grade air mover are placed on the carpet to reduce drying time.

Our Carpet Cleaning Specialist will walk through your home with you to point out the cleaning results to make sure you are completely thrilled and satisfied with the job.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Louisville ky?

Don’t expect less than the most professional Carpet Cleaning Service Ever. Here is what It means to offer a  Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Louisville Kentucky.

When you call our office you will get a friendly voice on the phone that cares about your carpet cleaning service needs. After they answer all your questions. You can choose to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment or carpet cleaning service estimate. A Professional IICRC Carpet cleaning certified technician will come to your house and inspect the carpet for you. We are not only a carpet cleaning company we are also a premier oriental rug cleaning company here in Louisville as well.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Louisville

They will make some recommendation as well as explaining to you, what to expect from our deep carpet cleaning service louisville. You will also receive a final written estimate of the cost of your professional carpet cleaning service Louisville.

When you hire Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning as your carpet cleaning company in Louisville there are no hidden fees or surprises when we get done. Results and 100% Satisfactions is our ultimate goal. You don’t take any risk by Hiring Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning. We offer 100% Money back guaranteed. You don’t pay a dollar until you say”I’m happy with the service”.

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If You Live in The Areas of Lake Forest, Prospect, High Lands or Middletown just To Mention Some Areas Here in Louisville KY. We Recommend you to Go to Next Door is a Phone App where you can Ask for a recommendation and See what Your Neighbors have to Say About Our Company.

You can go to our Facebook Page and Read Real Review there, But if you are not still satisfied you can go to Google and Check our Latest Reviews as well. At Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning we don’t have anything to Hide. You are the Home Owner and you decide if you want us in your Home.

There is nothing fairer than us showing you who we really are and the quality of work we offer. We Look Forward to working with you like your carpet cleaning service Louisville KY.

Rodriguez is Five Stars Rated Carpet and Rug Cleaning Company

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Benefits of Hiring Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning Louisville

Logo of Rodriguez Cleaning and Restoration Services

Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning Louisville KY is the most trusted and professional company you will find in Louisville KY. Our 12 steps carpet cleaning process is designed to restore and renew the fiber of your carpets. Our Method will help you extend the life of your carpets as well as maintain the original appearance of your nice a most of the time light color carpeting.

Our Cleaning Process doesn’t leave any residue behind and your carpets will dry in hours instead of days. Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning Has exclusively worked for many flooring dealers, interior designers, and realtors as well as many other commercial buildings. You are Getting The Best Carpet Cleaner in Louisville Kentucky by Working With Rodriguez.

Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning Louisville KY, is not for you If…

  • You are looking For a Light Carpet Cleaning or Quick Carpet Cleaning.

  • Next Day Carpet Cleaning Appointment (only if we have cancelations)

  • Cheapest and Best Carpet Cleaning Deal in Louisville.

  • You need a carpet cleaning touch-ups ( we don’t do half jobs)

  • You need “Just another Carpet Cleaner” not a Professional.

Hire The Best Carpet Cleaning Louisville Company.

Is Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning the best carpet cleaning company in Louisville? We believe we are. You Probably wonder why we are so proud of our work and reputation in the carpet cleaning industry. At Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning Louisville we want to be known as a High-end carpet cleaning company that offers the best service and experience ever.

We are a small carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning company that can not afford to lose a client over a low-quality carpet cleaning service or a poor customer service. These other big carpet cleaning companies in Louisville have hundreds of clients every day calling them and if they lose you, you are just another client.

Your Louisville Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

With Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning Services you are not just a Client. You are part of the family. We want to earn and show you with Professionalism, Attention to details and outstanding customer service what means to hire the best carpet cleaning company.

Can We Schedule same day Carpet Cleaning Appointment?

When You call Rodriguez Cleaning Services we will do our best to accommodate your needs and time available into our schedule. We can’t promise you to be there the next day because been small and the best have a downside. Most of the time we are booked for over several days. There is a good chance we can get to you the next day but you should call us to find out 502-365-6779.

For an operation like Ours, very small and High End is very difficult many time to schedule a carpet Cleaning the same day. Been in a home over 5000 square feet cleaning some carpets take a lot of time and attention to details. If it was your home you would like us to pay attention and do an amazing job on your carpets. At Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning we never, never rush when we clean your carpets. You get the Best carpet cleaning service in louisville ky.

For this reason, we recommend our clients to call ahead of time to schedule their carpet cleaning appointments or if they have an emergency to call us to see if we have any cancelation. Carpet Cleaning Louisville KY

Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning Louisville ( FQA )

At Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning Louisville KY, we provide you with the most outstanding service experience includes answering the most frequent question we get every day. We hope we have answered your question but if we have not done it yet. Please contact us at 502-365-6779.

Most carpet mills recommend Professional carpet cleaning within 18 months after you made your purchase. Doing this will extend the life of your carpets and you won’t void your warranty. Professional carpet cleaning means hiring a Carpet cleaning company with IICRC certification that steam clean your carpets( hot water extraction known in carpet cleaning industry)

You should vacuum your carpets at least twice a week. If you own a pet you may have to increase the frequency to three times a week. Don’t forget to vacuum your steps as well as the edges your you carpet area to prevent filtration soiling.

You don’t need to clean your carpets professionally more often if you own pets. You need to make sure you vacuum more often to collect the hair and dust they may bring inside. If they have an accident this will change the frequency. We recommend to professional clean as soon as it happens because organic fluid is acid and when it drys it turns alkaline and all these changes it could stain your carpets.

If your carpets are professional Shampooing you won’t have any issues because your carpets will be rinse and neutralize when the carpet cleaning is done. But if you do your carpet cleaning there is a good chance you use the wrong solution, over wet or don’t raise or neutralize the carpet when you finish. We always recommend hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company.

Most carpet Mill or manufacturers recommend hot water extraction or most know by steam cleaning. Don’t be a victim of those carpet cleaning companies in Louisville that offer one hour drying time. Always ask how are you cleaning my carpet. Don’t hire anybody doing dry cleaning or bonnet cleaning.