Sewage Cleaning Louisville KY

Your Sewer Backed up and you are concerned because you don’t want to get sink or you don’t know much about but you need to do something. Sewage backing up is considered an emergency because that water is contaminated with bacteria, viruses and microbes that will get you and yours sick. Rodriguez Cleaning and Restoration is your local Louisville sewage cleanup service provider. With Rodriguez Sewage Cleaning  Service your will receive the most outstanding service experience ever. We Are IICRC trained and Certified Sewage Cleaning plus we have the right equipment to restore your home or Property.

Sewage Extraction Services in Louisville

Sewage Extraction is a delicate and meticulous service that needs to be done properly because you don’t want any crops contamination. With Rodriguez Sewage Extraction Service you get a Professional that is trained and detail oriented working very efficiently to extract and restore your place. Our Job is to go in Extract and Clean Sewage from your property. Rodriguez Will present a plan of action to you that will restore and ensure your safety and health of the occupants of your property.

Toilet Overflow or Sewer Backup?

The First thing you need to remember is that you dealing with Category #3  Water( black Water) this water has contaminants and microbes that can not be treated lightly. You can not ingested and contact should be avoided. Best thing to do is to wear PPE when dealing with it. If you don’t feel comfortable with the situation let a professional come out and assist you.

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Professional Sewage cleaning Service

Rodriguez Cleaning & Restoration Services will provide you with the best and Most Professional Sewage Cleaning services you will find in Louisville KY. Our Service begins with your call and us gathering information to be able to assist you with the right equipment and plan of action. Our Specialist will rush to your property and explain everything at front for you. You will have your house of building back at not time when we work with you. You will receive the best professional Sewage cleaning service in Louisville KY.