Tired of seen you tile dirty or your bathroom floor with stains? Our Commercial Steam Tile Cleaning Service Is what you are looking For!

A clean office with clean floor is all it take to be an step ahead of you competitors. That’s all it take to your employees and visitors feel welcome to you place. Do you know that dirty and bad smelling bathrooms are one of the biggest complains in many companies.

Rodriguez Cleaning Services Maintain many facilities in Louisville and one of the service we do the most is our steam tile and grout cleaning for bathrooms and Show rooms. Your Tile floor requires regular and deep steam cleaning like any other surface.

There are many ways to clean your tile but Rodriguez Cleaning Services has decided to invest in the right equipment. Our steam Tile Cleaning process is very Simple.

Commercial Steam Tile and grout cleaning Process.

  1. Inspection and Walk thru the building
  2. Floor and Equipment set-up
  3. Chemicals Solution application
  4. Hand or Machine Grout and tile scrubbing/ or agitation
  5. Hat Water Rinse with water around 230 F
  6.  Sealer Application/ Optional
  7. Fast Drying set-up/ Air Movers

If You own or work in a office, restaurant, car dealership or any place with tile, we can help you. Fast food restaurant will benefit a lot from this services because we can clean your tile kitchen area and also your bathrooms.

Our Grout Sealer it also a great option for your hard flooring because it makes your grout stay clean longer an easy to clean next.

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