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What should I expect from Rodriguez Cleaning Services? Who Runs Rodriguez Cleaning Services? What do they stand for it?

Rodriguez Cleaning Services is the hard work and dreams of many years of my life. I’m Dayron Rodriguez the proud owner of Rodriguez Cleaning Services of Louisville KY.

Rodriguez Cleaning Services is just an small Carpet and Rug Professional Cleaning Business in Louisville, where you will find a custom cleaning service for all your flooring needs.

Dayron Rodriguez

Before I was allowed to come to United Stated Of America, I always dream about been free and I always challenge myself with big goals. In Cuba my country, hey have a different system. You are not allowed to think outside the box, they keep reach and dreaming limited.

Cuba is a wonderful country. I’m not talking about the government and system that paid me 10 dollars a month to live. Hard to believe but it’s truth.

The beautiful part of Cuba, it’s their people and culture.

As a Cuban you learn to have friends and help them. You also learn hard work is the way to build your foundation for success. 

All these values allowed me to build my company and be able to offer an outstanding service experience.

When I was given my visa to come to U.S, my dreams changed and I saw many opportunities on my way.

In 2010 I arrived with my family to U.S and as many other legal immigrants you have to work hard your way up to build your dreams like many of you.

What do you think I did? I worked 13 and 14 hours a day. I know what’s not to been around your kids and family. But hard work pays off at the end of the road.

During those many hours of work, I always study English in between and I also went for a short period to the school to learn English. Do you think I knew English when I came in 2010? Yes, I did. I knew how to said Yes and that was it. 

At this point, I’m sure you can tell by the way I write and probably a few grammar errors that I’m not an expert. But all these limitations didn’t stop me.

I was determined to go over my personal limits and keep dreaming big.

In 2012 my family and I decided to open Rodriguez Cleaning Services to offer and Outstanding service experience in the carpet and Rug cleaning Industry.

The first step I took was learn. I did some part time work for a cleaning company but I didn’t feel we were offering a high quality service.

Knowing this, the right move was to take professional training.

To be able to offer a high quality service I had to take a lot of training and certifications. Without the right education, there is not truly a high quality service.

Right now I have carpet, rugs, upholstery and some other IICRC cleaning certifications, plus all my continuing education every year about business and cleaning techniques.

After all these learning process, we started working hard and our reputation of legitim professional carpet and Rug Cleaners begun to build up.

At this Point our Company is Exclusively referred by many Local Flooring dealers like Sam Kinnaird’s Flooring and Jeridon Floor Coverings.

Some Realtors and Agencies like Lenihan Sotheby’s International and Keller Williams Louisville East.

We also work with Interior designer like The Lee W. Robison and Reflections of You, by Amy and some other.

At Rodriguez Cleaning Services you will find highest quality service and experience.

That’s the reason we offer 100% money back guaranteed. You will receive the best of us on every service and each time we come out to your building or house.

You can count on Rodriguez Cleaning Services for all your flooring cleaning needs.

For More Information Call Us at 502-365-6779