How To Clean & Maintain Your Tile Floors

The first thing you need to do is know what type of tile that you have in your home. I know you’re probably thinking “it’s just tile.” However, there are different types of tile. So, I will go over the different types of tile with you. As well as what type of products to use to make sure you maintain the life of your tile.

  • Natural Stone- not hand made. A piece of stone that has been cut into a tile. I recommend that you use a neutral cleaning product. This is very safe for a natural stone tile. When it comes to scrubbing, I tend to use a soft bristle brush.

If you go for a hard bristled brush you are a taking the chance of damaging your tile floors. We all know that getting that damage fixed will not be a cheap bill to be paying out. Also, make sure you use hot water. This will help accelerate the product and get most if not all of the grease or soil from your tile.

  • Ceramic or Marble Tile- these types of tiles are not as delicate as the natural stone. Therefore, they can withstand a little more pressure and little more of a potent cleaning product. I would suggest using a medium bristled brush.

This will make sure that you are getting into those grout lines a little better. Getting into those grout lines will make those bad boys sparkle. As for a product, you can go neutral, however you don’t really need to. You can use a cleaner that has a PH of around 10-12 (you can find this on the label on any cleaning product you purchase).

The high PH products will help get the soil and grease off of those ceramic or marble tiles in your home or business. Like the Natural stone tiles make sure you are using hot water to accelerate the chemical reaction of the product. This will ensure a better clean once you are finished.

Now, the last step goes for any type of tile that you have in your business or home. It is a very important step. So, make sure you don’t forget it! That step is to mop your floor with clean hot water. This will neutralize the cleaning products and it will help keep your tiles from resoling so fast.

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