How do you find a Reliable Carpet Cleaning Company In Louisville-Part 2

Professional steam carpet cleaning louisvilleHiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company can be a challenge, when you don’t know what to look for. There are many companies here in Louisville, KY and many of these are just starting out. The carpet cleaning industry is like any industry. Many people get in and a lot more get out. Hiring a brand new company  that just has a few month of been running, it could be a wrong decision.

In our industry there is an organization call IICRC, which stands for a nonprofit certification and Standards Developing Organization (SDO) for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries.  When you hire a new start up company, you may be taking the risk that they haven’t take any training.

Probably  they haven’t past the test to acquire the certification. When you hire a carpet cleaning company that is certified you will receive a professional carpet cleaning service.

Reliable Carpet Cleaning Company Louisville

Well lets change that. You will receive a good quality carpet cleaning service because they will follow all the steps for a deep carpet cleaning. But there is more than just a deep carpet cleaning service to receive a truthfully professional carpet cleaning service.

The IICRC trains all the carpet cleaning technician the same way, which means, you should get the same service from each company. They recommend you vacuum first to get all the dry particles first. You have to do a pre-treatment and pre-spotting. Some time  pre-agitation if need it. Finally the best carpet cleaning method is hot water extraction, which many people call steam carpet cleaning.

All those steps for a carpet cleaning service is what you get when you hire a IICRC certified technician. Some times if you hire the wrong carpet cleaning company, they won’t follow those steps and they will try to sell you a “new cleaning method”.

Don’t go that path. But there is a lot more a professional carpet cleaning company can do for you, as a home owner who wants to receive the best service. When a technician shows up on your door, they should say good morning or good afternoon.

When you show them you areas of concern and explain them the issues you have, they should listen to you and inspect those areas to be able to make the right recommendation.

If some furniture needs to be move, it should be done carefully because that cafe table could be a gift from you mom and it means a lot to you.  You don’t want someone breaking your personal items. They should cover your floor with floor mats to prevent soil and water to get on the rest of your flooring. Corners guards are an important part of the set-up.

By putting corners guards on each corner of your wall they will prevent many scratches on your wall. Think for a moment you hire us today because you are putting your house for sale tomorrow and we scratch your walls. What will this means to you. Your house won’t be listed because you have to repaint your walls. If the market was hot you just lost a few thousand of dollars for a small step that we skipped.

Those small thing make a big differences at the time of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Each and every carpet cleaning company in Louisville KY, should be looking for ways to offer and serve a higher quality service for their clients.

What I found is that many companies want to compete on price. They are fighting to see who offers the worst service for the cheapest prices. We don’t want to be the most expensive. We just want to be the best at what we do.

You need to hire a company that will ensure you get the best service for the right price. You want to make sure they look for those details that make the differences. All these features also apply if you are looking for a professional Area Rug Cleaning Company which is another service we offer.

Before you hire a carpet cleaning to take care of your 5000 dollars invest on carpet. Go to Google, Angieslist, BBB, Yelp, Yellow Pages or Facebook. When you are in these sites you will find what others are saying about this company. Read those reviews and you will see if that’s the company you want at home. If that’s not the company you want in your home. Go back to the same place and type  Rodriguez Cleaning Services and Check our reviews and if we fit your criteria call us. You need to educate yourself before you make any decision. Good luck with your hiring.