Pet damage and Odor Removal

How to remove pet odor and fix the damage

Pet Odor Removal Louisville

Pet Damage and odor, is a hot topic to cover. When You are dealing with Odor is a little harder because there are many reason and sources that could be generating the Odor. 

When you have pet damage you will see it right away. You will either have yellow spots or a hole in your carpet. The only problem with pet damage is. What goes next? Who to hire and how much it will cost me? If I hire a regular carpet cleaning company, can they remove the odor? We know, you probably have a lot of questions.

Picture of carpet with pet contamination, urineThere are many factors to make the right decision when you are facing any of these issues. I will give you an idea of what you can do from my side as a contractor and pet odor removal specialist. Well, I call myself-specialist or professional but let me tell you, I’m not a magician. Some of my clients want me to make their carpets look brand new when the only way to help them is by recommending a good company that can replace their carpet.

Pet Odor Decontamination.

Pet Odor in my opinion is the hardest to deal with, because most of the time you don’t know the source. Finding the source is the key. If you find where the bad odor is coming from you got 60% of the work done. The rest is just knowing how to stop the bad odor from generating and clean the air. 

When we receive a call for  Pet odor inspection, we take with us our UV flashlight that finds, hidden spots and Urine in your carpets, baseboards, couches and cabinets. We also take a moisture meter that tells us if those spots we found are wet, down in the padding or sub floor. Padding is the foam that we have in between the carpet and sub-floor. 

Uv Light to find pet damage and contamination

Hard to believe but if you own a cat, some time they do their own thing everywhere. Trust me ! 

When is time to replace your carpet due to pet damage.

We have different ways to take care of the odor. If your flooring area is more than 80% damaged, you just need to get new carpet or do a refinish on your hardwood floor. If it is less than 80% we will treat those spots with some special solutions that will react with the urine and will eliminate the odor. This solution is also mixed with deodorizer to help with the smell.

Even after you have replaced your carpet you could still have bad odor coming from your carpets. This is a common issue that we see every day. Half of all the calls we get for pet odor issues are after the homeowner already hired a company to do a new carpet installation. The secret to prevent this recurring issue is the application of a good sealer to the sub-floor. You need a sealer that will trap the odor in the sub-floor and it won’t let the bad odor come out.

You also need to make sure that if your baseboards have any contamination they need to be treated. I mean, use a solution that will react with the urine and stop the bad odor from regenerating.  Be aware these odor treatments are quite expensive. Another important step is the cleaning of the air in your home which we will cover ahead.

 If you own a male dog pay attention to walls, baseboards, corners and in special the legs of all your furniture. They love poles.

Finding the source without professional tools

Picture Of Wall with Urine contamination from Dob

Have you ever walk in a room where someone was smoking? You didn’t see the person but you could tell that someone was smoking. If you don’t smoke you will tell right away, but if you are a smoker you probably won’t smell it and if you do It will take you longer to smell the odor.

It is the same with pet Odors. If you have been living in the house for a long period of time with pets, you won’t smell it. Don’t feel bad or embarrassing. It is normal. Sometimes when we are working in these homes for three or four days; we get used to it and we have to call someone else who hasn’t been in the house to get a second opinion. 

The best way to tell if you have bad odors is by calling a friend who will tell you the truth. I mean a good friend. I have had a hard time so many times with clients because they call several people and some of them don’t smell anything and some other ones do. Guess who is in the middle and the one who will be blame for everything Rodriguez Cleaning Services.

Here is what you do. Call a friend who doesn’t want to be nice and tell you the truth, or call us. We don’t know you and either own your money. You will get the truth from us. Before you call a good friend make sure they don’t have pets. If they have pet allergies, they are your best candidates. These kind of people will tell you if they smell any bad odors. The ones that are good friends but have pets, they could have pet odor issues at home and don’t know about it. They probably won’t be able to tell if you have any issues. 

Air Cleaning or decontamination.

Picture of Ozone machine use to clean air in odor enviroment

Another overlook step is the air decontamination. Usually after each odor removal or decontamination service, we recommend the homeowner to let us bring an Ozone machine which is great at cleaning your air. This Machine in my opinion is the best tool you can use to clean and sanitize your air. The Ozone machine is a small machine that generate Ozone(O3) Which means with have three atoms of Oxygen and the third atom is extremely reactive. This one will bond with any contaminant like: odors, bacteria and viruses. When these contaminants bond with Ozone they turn less odorous. If the generation of ozone is continually all the odor will be eliminated.

We don’t recommend you to go out and rent one of this machine and just use it because you need some basic understanding of the application. Plus, you need to be aware during the use of this equipment, nobody can be at home, plants need to be out of the home. Pets such as dog, cats, fish, birds and some other ones need to be out during the Ozone generation.



If you have any pet odor damage call a professional odor elimination company and don’t use baking soda to fix it. Don’t cut corners and use cheap chemical that could damage your flooring in special your carpets. Stay away from bleach. Bleach can leave a permanent stain on your flooring, bleach is more a disinfectant not a cleaner.

If you want to do it yourself, find the source, treat all the areas that has been contaminated. When you get done open your windows and door and let fresh air circulate thru the house. Call Rodriguez Cleaning Service for any consultation. 502-365-6779