Not all the carpet cleaning companies in Louisville KY are the same. Part 1

Differences in carpet cleaning companies

When you are in the carpet cleaning business and you are involve in the cleaning process too, you see the market differently. Louisville may seem to you as an small city but our city is not what it looks. There are over 200 carpet cleaning companies in town and not all of them are professional carpet cleaning companies. There are some that call themself a carpet cleaning companies. Out of those 200 comapnies, you can start by taking off the ones that don’t have insurance. I’m assuming you don’t want to hire a carpet cleaning company that doesn’t carry insurance, do you. The less it can happen to you if they damage something at your property is that you will be the one paying for someone else mistake. It can just be a floors mat or your entire floor.

The easiest way to find them is first, by their pricing. If they will do your entire house for 70 dollars you should be careful. Second, don’t hesitate to ask for insurance proof that’s you right. There is no way a company can offer a reliable and professional service for 70 dollars. Just think for a moment. When you are buying new carpeting for your home or business you will spend around 3000 dollars, this is an average. Some time you can spend $10000. If I tell you that I will charge you $100 for a professional carpet cleaning service to clean those 10000 dollars that you just invest in your home. Would you really take the risk of loss $10000 for $100. Would You really trust someone? Are they I really doing a professional deep down carpet cleaning for you?

In addition, another common issue is the shape of those work vans that many companies have their employees drive around town. I recently had to pressure wash a 2000 sq. ft. driveway because of a big oil stain on the center of this driveway. The homeowner got a carpet cleaning deal of 60 dollars for 4 rooms of carpet cleaning. The guy showed up in a very old van that was leaking oil. He did not do the work because he changed the price but when he got out of there he left a big oil spot on the driveway and Guess what! Who paid for my service? The Homeowner did.

They called back the company and nobody answered the phone. What a nice and professional service provider. You don’t want to hire a company with a rusty and oil leaking van.  If you do that, please call me and I will pressure wash your driveway after they get done.

Finally, what about companies that don’t answer the phone. Very common problem in many industries. Why would you hire a company that you have to call 4 time in a week to schedule an appointment. Do you really want to do that? We are in business to serve you. You are hiring a company to receive the best service. Those companies that don’t answer the phone they are either too, busy or don’t have any customer service training. Something you also need to be aware of. The same way you had to call them 4 times to schedule your service appointment; you may have to call them back 7 time if something goes wrong. You need to have someone at home that it is reliable and answer the phone.  

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