How to do a bleeding test on your area rugs?

You can save your oriental area rug by knowing how to do a bleeding test to it. 

If you are an area rug owner you know how much cost to get a new rug or if you didn’t buy it someone gave it to you as a gift and gift many time means more than any dollars amount.Knowing what to do or how to maintain your rugs could save you from going throw that terrible experience of damaging your rug or going out to buy a new one.The first step on any cleaning or spot removal procedure is knowing how to do a bleeding test on your rugs.What means to do a bleeding test?Is very simple. Bleeding test mean testing the solution or chemical you are planning to use on your rug to know if it will create bleeding or any colors running because after you have color running, it will be difficult to fix that.

But here is what you do.

You need white towels and paper towel. Don’t forget WHITE. Why do you need White Towels? Very Simple. If you have a towel with color, you could have bleeding from the towel getting on your rugs and if the rug is blue and you towel is blue. How do you know if it bleeding?

Yes, Is this simple.

After you have your white towel, look for the solution you want to use to clean the spot. If you are planning to use soap and water. You need to test the soap too.Here is what you do. You put some of the solution on the WHITE towel. Look for an area that if you have some bleeding you can hide by putting some furniture on top.Please don’t test the center of your rug. Now that you find a good spot or area to test. Look for those bright colors. Red, blue, yellow or any other bright color.

Area rug Cleaning and Bleeding test

The towel with the solution facing down put it on top of any of those bright colors, if it’s possible try to test a few colors in the same area. After putting the towel on the rug use or hand or something heavy and flat to create some pressure with the weight. Wait for 10 seconds that way the solution works into the fibers and if it will bleed after 10 seconds you should have some bleed or color on your White Towel.

If it does not bleed you can use the spotter, but you still need to be careful because it could bleed later.

If you got some color or bleeding on your white towel I will recommend you not to do anything. If you use that spotter you could damage your rug.

If you want to test another spotter don’t use the same area. Also, you don’t test several areas on your rugs. You only test the color.

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