How to improve productivity and create a great work environment.

For those Business Owners, CEO, HR Directors, General Manager or any other person in charge of keeping the company running or employees retention. Please stop looking outside or taking seminars to learn best practices to improve productivity or employee retention. Improve the productivity and retention of your employee is not a difficult since. The answer is right in front of you.

You are probably saying.” How carpet cleaner can teach me or talk about productivity or employee retention?”There is not secret or magic. The answers are in your company with your employees. If you talk to them or pay attention to them. They will tell you or their action will speak by itself.

I recently worked at two different places were the employees weren’t very happy with their employers. I’m not talking about how much they were getting paid.I’m referring to the way they are treated and their work environment conditions.

The First Company is a manufacture company where they have several hundred employees working in an assembly line making parts for cars. They get pay from $ 12 to $30 a hour. Some of them are paid well and some other are getting a decent pay but their complain wasn’t about pay. It was something else. I will explain you.

When you work in an assembly line most of the time you work for 8 hours. After your first 2 hours of work you get 15 minutes of break and two hours later you get 30 minutes break that is assigned for lunch. Your Break time start counting when you stop working. You have to walk to your break station or room. When you get there, most people warm their food before eating it. Don’t forget they get 30 minutes from the time they stop to the time they have to start.

If you come out for break with 50 people at the same time and there are only two microwaves to warm the food of 100 people and you have to wait. How would you Feel?

If on top of this your table is dirty plus you break room looks like trash. Your 30 minutes break that you are taking to relax and rest are turning into a bad and unpleasant break time.

If you are the owner or general manager of a company like this one. You know that training, retain and hiring new employees is very hard and costly. Why not to take care of those hark working employees that keep your company alive. Find new employee will cost you more on the long run if you keep losing your qualified and trained employees

If you are part of the management team don’t be afraid to come out to your supervisor or person in charge and mention to them issues that you see. Unhappy employees don’t benefit anybody.

Unhappy employees don’t produce and perform as well as happy employees working in a clean place with all the tools and conditions to get the work done as well as a comfortable place to rest during their break time.

If you have 20 minutes to have some good lunch and talk to your friend you want to seat in a comfortable and clean place.