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How Many Professional Oriental Area Rug Cleaners do we have in Louisville? 

It’s sad to see how many area rug cleaner Louisville claim to be professionals, they also advertise to be the (best) or the company with more years in the market (experience).I recently did some estimates for a client that had two oriental area rugs with some pet odor issues that needed some professional area rug cleaning attention. When I showed up, of course on time. I introduced myself and my client showed the rugs and explain the situation.

By listen to her I noticed she was very concern with the odor situation because she wanted to keep her rugs and she didn’t believe it was possible to get it clean and less be able to remove the pet urine odor. For me to be able to make a better assessment of the situation and explain what the outcome of the cleaning will be I had to asked a lot of question about the rug and the care of it.

Best Oriental Area Rug Cleaner Louisville KY


I start asking about the age of the rug. How often is been professionally cleaned and by who. How often these accidents happen on the rugs, plus doing a deep inspection and finalize by explaining how I was planning to clean her rugs and all the procedures I will follow to remove the odor.

After doing all this I presented my pricing to her and I found that my Quote was around two hundred dollars higher than my competitor. My competitor priced over $600 for their professional area rug cleaning.

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Been $200 over our competitor didn’t stopped her from hiring us to do her area rug cleaning. This situation was a little weird for me because she was a new client and she hasn’t experience the quality of our services.I had to asked her if she remember how the other company cleaned the rug in the past or what she was paying for.

Very interesting what I found. Many professional area rug cleaning companies in Louisville offer surface cleaning. Yes, I’m talking about just the top of your area rugs.I don’t know how often you clean your rugs but most of the rugs we clean in Louisville have not been cleaned in 5 years. Which is wrong, We recommend our clients to clean their rugs or carpet within 18 months

If you haven’t cleaned your rugs in two years do you really want to clean the top of your rugs?

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Not every rug out there can be fully immerse in water but most can be done it this way.

Would you save a few dollars to get a half job done?

After reading my competitor quote I explained her the differences between our process and their process. After explaining this to her, she told me that they cleaned another rug with the system I explain to her and the pricing was crazy high.Been a Professional Area Rug Cleaner is more than just taking some classes and learn how to clean, if at least they have done it.

When you are a professional on any industry the first thing all of need to know is our product or service. We also need to be able to listen our clients and ask the right questions to come back a good answer.Knowing the service will take to do the service and that’s the way a learned everything I know. I still clean several oriental areas rugs every week.

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Doing the cleaning will keep the process fresh in your mind plus it will teach you something every day because each rug is unique including their issues.

If you are in the look for a Professional area rug cleaner, please make sure you ask a lot of question and expect answers. If you don’t get an answer with details that person don’t know anything about rugs.


If you are going with a big franchise try to talk with the person doing the cleaning but if you are going with a small professional area rug cleaner, you know who to call. Rodriguez Cleaning services.

If you are a truly professional area rug cleaner, you should not offer half service. You should do what is best for the client. You as a regular person compared to us rug cleaners that we see hundreds of rugs you don’t have education about cleaning and you rely on us to make the right recommendation.

Any Professional Carpet Cleaner, rug cleaner or any service provider should always have the client’s interest on mind.Client always go first. Its not about how much money we charge or how much we need to make. If you offer a great service you the client will tell everybody out there and now referrals will come .