9 Pros & Cons of Carpet

Who has carpet in their home? I want to see a show if hands! My apartment is full of carpet. There are some things that I love about my carpet as well as some things that I could live without. So, today I will be going over 9 pros & cons about carpet. A lot of  pros and cons about carpet deal with comfort  and time management.

Pros Of Carpet

  • Carpet is warm. We all know that hopping out of bed on a frigid winter morning isn’t for the faint of heart if you have hardwood or tile floors. I’m not sure about you, but if my feet get cold, I am cold all over. However, if you have carpeting it will be a little warmer in the winter months. The excess fiber and padding will allow a barrier between your feet and the cold air coming from the floor.
  • The installation process is a lot quicker than say a tile, or laminate flooring. When it comes to installation of carpet, that can be done in a span of a day (depending on the size of the areas that are needing to be laid).
  • Now this is a big one for all your procrastinators out there! It hides dirt a lot better than any other type of flooring. I know you’re probably thinking “well that’s kind of a given… not sure why this is on the list.” However, the only downfall with this pro, is the fact that not only will you need to vacuum your carpets regularly, but you will also need to have them professionally maintained to ensure the life of the carpet.
  • This goes out to all of your penny pinchers out there! Carpet is less expensive than other floorings that you can consider buying. Now, if you are a fancy Nancy, like my mom… you won’t be looking at a cheaper fix. Some carpets can get pricy.
  • Noise! How many of you guys have young children running around? Carpet is your best bet if you are looking for something to dampen the noise of the daily life. Unless you’re like my mom and the carpet could not protector her from the terrors of listening to me practice my saxophone when I was in middle/high school.
  • I don’t know about you, but I love the feel of carpet between my toes. I am just a fan of being able to feel the dirt being tracked on my feet and throughout my home. Therefore, our number 6 will be it’s a lot nicer to the touch than if you had a hardwood floor. I know when I was younger and fought with my brother, I much rather hit the carpet than the hardwood floor. I mean who hasn’t had a good rough housing with their siblings? Am I right?

Cons of Carpet

  • I touched on this above with one of the pros being that it hides the dirt better than other flooring options. Now, this is where the con comes in with the ability to hide dirt. Your carpet acts like a filter, therefore, all of the dirt and debris stays directly in those fibers. So, with that being said, it can get pretty pricy to have it regularly maintenance to keep up the life of the carpet. This can also contribute to asthma as well as allergy problems in the home as well.
  • Wear & Tear! When it comes to carpet, it is a lot easier to be able to tell where the traffic areas are. While you are walking across the carpet, the rubbing of your feet, shoes, socks are wearing and tearing your carpet. You will not be able to see traffic lines or where the high traffic areas as much if you have another type of flooring other than carpet.
  • This one kind of ties into the wear and tear of your carpet. If you are seeing wear and tear on your carpet this can not be 100 precent restored back to the original look. This will be something that will have to be replaced periodically. When I say periodically, I mean a lot more often than any other type of flooring such as hardwood or tile. However, the routine vacuuming as well as the professional maintenance will help expand that life span.

9 Pros & Cons Of Carpet

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