Pros And Cons Of Tile

Show of hands: Who here has tile in their home? I personally do not have tile in my house. As a kid, I always remembered how much it hurt when I would trip and fall on it. Which I do at least every other day. My mom would tell me that I would trip over nothing and just fall to the ground. Sort of like those cute little fainting goats you see of Facebook videos. So, bad memories are linked to tile floors with me. Well enough about me,  lets dive into some Pros and Cons Tile Flooring Louisville KY.

PROS About Tile

Maintenance – Pros Tile Flooring

The maintenance of tile and grout cleaning is simple and effective in keeping your floors clean. Just a good old fashion mop and cleaning agent and your floors will thank you!

Water Resistance

If installed properly, tile flooring is water resistant. Whether it be a drop or a flood, water will not be absorbed by the tile or the grout that is placed in between them. Tile flooring is also chemical resistant. With most tiles you can use just about any natural cleaner. However, if you have natural stone tile make sure to read the label of the cleaning agent to make sure that it can be used and how to use it. That is to ensure you are not damaging your floor and costing you mountains of dollars to replace.


Tile can be installed and will last for many of years without requiring replacement. With proper care and maintenance, tile can last a lifetime.

CONS about Tile

Tough Grout

Now, when I was saying that maintaining tile was easy, I was not speaking to the grout lines. When it comes to those pesky little lines it can take some good elbow grease to get them to their best.

Everchanging Temperature – Cons Tile Flooring

With tile, you cannot guarantee a set temperature due to the way tile mimics the temperature around us. If you are in the mountains of Colorado, chances are tile on your feet will be freezing. But if you are living beach side in the Caribbean, your tile will likely be warm. While some don’t mind a variety of temperatures, others my find it frustrating trying to adapt to the temperature of their floor,