Pros & Cons of Tile Flooring

Who here has tile in their homes?! Show of hands everyone! I personally do not have tile in my house. As a kid I always remembered how much it hurt when I would trip and fall on it. Which I will say was at least every other day. My mom would tell me that I would trip over nothing and just fall to the ground. Sort of like those cute little fainting goats you see of Facebook videos. So, bad memories are linked to tile floors with me. Well, enough about me. I will dive on into the pros and cons of having tile in your home!


Maintenance! The maintenance of the tile and grout cleaning is on top of the charts. It is super simple, and super easy to do. Just a good old fashion mop and a cleaning agent, then you are good to go!

One of the best things about having tile flooring, is the fact that it is water resistant. That is if it is installed properly. From a bucket of mop water to a flood the water will not be absorbed by the tile or the grout that is placed in between them.

With water resistant being a pro, another huge pro for tile is that it is durable. Tile can be installed and will last for many of years without needing to be replaced. That is if the tile is maintained properly as well.  Now, I am not staying go and throw things onto your floor. With the tile beings so hard, it can be cracked or broken if harder objects are forcefully made in contact with the tile.

Another pro goes kind of hand in hand with the maintenance in my opinion. However, what do I know right? Anyways, jokes aside. Tile flooring is chemical resistant. With most tiles you can use just about any natural cleaner. However, if you have natural stone tile make sure to read the label of the cleaning agent to make sure that it can be used and how to use it. That is just to make sure you are not damaging your floor and costing you mountains of dollars to replace.


The first and most important con of the day is that tile can be super slippery. Trust a girl who trips over her own feet, ok? I can not tell you how many times I had forgotten that my mom was washing the bathmat. I would step right out of the tub and 4 seconds later I was laying on the floor. So, for all of you tile people out there keep it safe for us clumsy people please!

Now, when I was saying that maintaining tile was easy, I was not talking about the grout lines. When it comes to those pesky little lines it can take some good elbow grease to get them looking better. With that being said unless you have a steam clean and go in there with a brush you will not likely get it looking its best. Don’t be getting mad please… I am only here to speak the truth and help you guys out!

I know this con is one of those it all depends on your checkbook. However, if you are like me… my checkbook isn’t as fat as some other. Therefore, I would not be able to afford that expensive tile that you would see in Bon Jovi’s house. So, what is affordable for one person may not be that affordable for the next. With that being said there are other options for flooring that are much easier on your bank account.

This con has everything to do with the temperature around you. For example, if you are in the mountains of Colorado, you can bet your back side that the tile will also be cold to those bare feet. So, make sure you have something to cover those feet or an area rug to help keep some of that cold tile from freezing your feet!

Now, if you are living beach side in the Caribbean your tile will be warm unless you have the a/c running.  In that case you may want that cool tile when you are walking in from a long day at the beach. Just talking about the beach gives me the good vibes. I mean… who does not love the beach? Am I right, or am I right?

Well, that is my list of pros and cons of tile for you guys! I hope I didn’t bore you too bad. Remember if you have any questions or want to book an appointment to get your tile and grout clean, call us at Rodriguez Cleaning Services. We are here to serve you! Our phone number is 502-365-6779. You may also send us an email at