Six Fresh Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring is in the air. Unfortunately, it may not be in your house just yet. If you want your house to feel as fresh as the weather outside, you may want to give spring cleaning a try this year. If you are not sure where to start, here is a helpful list of ideas to guide your cleaning efforts.

1. Freshen Your Fabrics

For most people, laundry is a weekly project. While everyone washes their clothes and towels, there are many other fabrics in your house that do not get enough attention. Consider washing your bed comforter and pillow shams. Germs collect on these surfaces, which is why they need an occasional wash. Curtains may not collect germs, but they do get musty, gather dust, and animal hair. A yearly wash will keep them looking and smelling fresh. If you do not want to wash your rugs, at least take them outside to air and freshen them up. With these fabrics, just be careful to read the care instructions thoroughly to make sure they are not damaged in the process.

2. Clean Your Cabinets

There are probably times your cabinets seem bare, but being out of cookies or canned goods is not the same as an annual sweep. Take some time to remove everything from the cabinets and throw away anything that is old. Debris often collects in cabinets so be sure to remove any food remnants. This will also keep the spring time bugs from making your cabinets their home. Washing the interiors and sanitizing the surfaces is another smart measure. This will get your cabinets ready for food again, but if you want to make them look even better, clean the exteriors as well. A year of opening and closing will leave marks and stains, which can be cleaned away with a good scrubbing. You could even invest in some polish to give them an extra springtime gleam.

3. Approach Your Appliances

Appliances are an important part of modern life. Everyone relies on their refrigerator to keep food cold, and they use their oven to cook up a meal. Microwaves and dishwashers are conveniences that most people would hate to live without. However, how often do you take the time to clean them? Most people wipe them down occasionally, but these appliances are used on a daily basis and often come into contact with food. This makes a spring clean more than a nice way to freshen things up. Giving these appliances a deep clean is simply sanitary. Disinfect all surfaces, and remove all food that may be stuck. Baking soda is great for the refrigerator, and a lemon in the microwave can be an excellent trick.

4. Wash Your Windows


With the longer spring days, you are sure to appreciate the extra sunshine. You are also sure to notice just how dirty your windows are. Using a high quality cleaning liquid is important, and be sure to choose one that minimizes streaking. It is also essential to use the right cloth to scrub the grime away. Rags or paper towels can work, but they are more likely to smear and streak. Using a special cloth or a squeegee is beneficial for the best results. Washing the inside is a good first step, but take the time to do it right and wash the exteriors as well. First floor windows can be cleaned from the outside, and many newer windows have an easy release latch that allows the windows to be moved for cleaning purposes. While you clean the windows, you may also want to wash the sills and screens as well to remove the grime and dirt that accumulates over time.

5. Neutralize Your Nooks

Even if you clean your house regularly, there are probably still some nooks and crannies that go unattended. So, spring into action this year. Wash your baseboards, and vacuum with a wand or hose in the corners of every room. You may go as far as dusting off the tops of your ceiling fans and your doors. Unwanted dust also hides in your vents so be sure to clean those as well. It can even be helpful to use a brush hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner. This will get a nice, deep clean in all your upper vents as well as your lower ones. You can also take a few minutes to wash the walls and dust along the frames of all your doors and windows.

6. Procure a Professional

If you really want your house to be fit for spring, consider hiring a professional from Rodriguez Cleaning Services in Louisville. With fully trained professionals on staff, Rodriguez Cleaning Services can tackle some of your most daunting spring projects and then some. Carpets, tile, rugs, gutters, windows and more are all part of the residential service options. If you want your house ready for spring, call Rodriguez Cleaning Services today 502-365-6779.

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