Top 7 Reasons for Air Duct Cleaning

Improve air quality and reduce allergies

No matter your age, health or living conditions. If your ducts are dirty is a matter of time for you to start having allergies, sneezing as well as your equipment breaking down. You may need some air duct cleaning done.

It is very important to keep all air ducts throughout your home clean because each air duct is the main circulation source leading to and from your heating and cooling system which allows each room continuous airflow. This will help you have cleaner air regardless of the conditions outside.

Having clean air ducts in your home year-round is highly important especially, if anyone in the family may have allergies. All the air within your home recycles numerous times throughout the day which is the same air that fills your entire living space.

Reasons to have your Air Ducts professionally cleaned:

  1. Promotes a healthier living environment

Sometimes we drop food in our ducts or by accident our kids or animals drop something that you didn’t know and if has been decomposing for days and bacteria’s are growing now.

What do you think is happing now? You are blowing that contamination throughout the house.

When having your air ducts cleaned it improves the air quality that is circulating throughout the home and promotes a healthier environment by removing dust, food, can toys and buildup.

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  1. Ensures the reduction of Allergens and/or potential Irritants

Dust in a microscopic doesn’t look nice and even worst dust mites. Number one reason for allergies in Louisville KY and most of the United States of America is allergies to the feces of Dust Mites.

Every individual will benefit once removing all the dust and contaminants such as micro-organism, pet dander, bacteria, mold spores, mildew, dust mites, and pollen. Especially, individuals that are prone to allergies or respiratory problems.

  1. Breathing becomes much easier and cleaner

Ask yourself this. Would you prefer to breathe clean fresh air or dusty contaminated air?

When this contamination we are breathing gets into our airways it will irritate and create infection into our lungs which means a lot of breathing issue.

When dust and pollutants enter our nose and lungs we have a higher chance of getting bronchial congestion and sinus issues.

  1. Improves Smells and Odors

Picture of clean carpet done by Rodriguez Cleaning Services

Have you Ever check your air duct returns in your Home? If you have just look for the big registers with a lot of dust on it.

They are designed to pull in all the air that is coming out of your vents. If you have pets or a dust home all this hair and soil is getting pulled into the system.

There are countless reasons for the odor in the home such as pet odor, tobacco use, cleaning agents, food, soiled linens etc. These odors will continue to circulate throughout the home every time air/heat kicks on.

Cleaning your air ducts will help tremendously and allow your home to smell fresh once again.

  1. Your House last Clean Longer

You just dusted off your coffee table and TV Stand but a week later the unwanted dust is Back. Yes, you are frustrated over this dust that it doesn’t go away.

Clean air duct prevent dust from getting spread out thought out the house and getting deposit or Seattle on your furniture. The Cleaner the unit is the more air it pulls in that will get filter through your filter and come out clean.

  1. Efficiently Improve Air Flow

Summer or Winter. Not matter the Season we are in. It feels like your AC or Heat isn’t working. Poor maintenance and lack of cleaning make your unit work inefficient.

Air duct cleaning will help your furnace and air conditioning work more efficient along being more cost-effective. Your system will not have to work as hard because all the build-up was removed.

  1. Money Saving

When was the last time you quoted a new Air conditioning system? We are talking about a few thousands.

Clogged Air Vents means that your furnace has to work harder and consume more, but that’s not all. Less air will come out and longer it will take for each room to acquire your desired temperature and the thermostat won’t shut off the unit.

Your Furnace will work twice as much as it should. You are reducing the life of your unit twice and you electric is twice as well.

Let’s keep your air ducts cleaned.

Air Duct Cleaning Conclusion

Air Duct Cleaning consist of removing any dust, debris and/or any contaminants that have built up within the ductwork.

A powerful vacuum system will remove everything that has built up within the ductwork in combination with pressurized air coming out of a commercial air compressor at 150 Psi Pressure.

It is extremely important to have the air your breathing inside your home as clean as possible! For More information about air duct cleaning check NADCA

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