How Do you know is your Sump Pump is working properly?

Been a Water Damage Restoration Company in Louisville allows us to see and deal with many issues most home owner don’t see everyday. The most common issues for water damage in Louisville KY is failure of sump pumps. Your Sump Pump can fail to work for many reasons and that’s what I want to cover here. Having a failure of your sump pump in a raining day could cost you several thousand dollars.

Let’s Review how your sump pump works and what is its function. Sump pump are design to be in water and pump the water out of your basement. You may ask yourself where this water come from. It’s very simple. All the water we get from a raining day drains down around your foundation and goes under the concrete slab you have in your basement. if we get a lot of rain, this water will star rising up and your sump pump pit will start getting fill up up to a point where your sump pump will start pumping this water out away from your foundation walls.  This is a quick explanation of how your sump pump works.

If your sump pump isn’t working properly you will have what is call water back. Many Insurance companies sell water back endorsements to your policy. If you don’t buy this coverage separately you will be in trouble. Most of the time when something like this happen you will be spending over 7000 dollars average. Most of the time water back from your sump pump will have a very drastic impact on your home. When you call a company Like Rodriguez Cleaning Services to assist you with water damage. Most of your floor needs to come out because this water is heavily contaminated and polluted. Baseboard and drywall that was contaminated will have to come out too. All this material needs to be disposed.

The first Thing is knowing what a sump pump is and where you can find it. Let’s begin with where you find your sump pump but before I tell you where you find a sump pump you need to know that if you don’t have a basement you don’t need to worry about sump pump issues. If you want, you don’t need to read this article but I still recommend you to read it because you could be able to help a friend and save this friend the headache of going through a terrible water damage situation that could be prevented by knowing how to maintain or check that your sump pump is working correctly.

As I mentioned if you don’t have a basement you are fine but if you do, lets find your sump pump. Look for a dark hole that most of the time is in a corner, behind a door or in a closet. If you have an un-finish part check there first. You will find PVC pipes or some other pipes coming out.

Now that you find it. The First thing is to make sure you sump pump is plug in. Your sump pump works with electricity. If you unplug your sump pump by mistake and don’t plug it back in. I guarantee you that a water back is about to happen in your basement.

Let’s make sure your sump pump is connected to the electricity and that the outlet has electricity.

After your Sump pump is plug in. Let’s review how it operates. Your sump pump has a switch that it varies in shape and form. Most of them is a switch that floats. If you take a bucket of water and you dump it in the hole or tank, you should hear the sump pump running. If you are not afraid to use your hand, you can raise the floating peace up and it should start the pump.

Another over look issues is dirt in the bottom of the pit (tank). many of this pit has never been cleaned in the past. This dirt could clogged your sump pump.

Now that we have checked our sump pump and we know that it’s working properly and the pit is clean. We need to make sure that this sump pump is dumping the water out in the right place and far a enough from your foundation. Your Sump pump has a line attached to it that you need to make sure is not broke. It’s broke I recommend you to call your local plumber and they can fix it for you.

You will need to come out and find where this line is dumping all this water. This line should be at least 2 feet away from your walls. By been away to feet we know this water won’t back in. If your line is to close all this water that it’s been pump out will come back in with the rest of the water from the rain and your sump pump eventually the pump won’t be able to keep up the the water flow and you will have water back into your house.

I hope this article be help you to you and if you need any assistant with water damage Louisville please give Rodriguez Cleaning Services and Restoration a call at 502-365-6779.