Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Louisville Alternative

Zererez Carpet Cleaning Louisville KY is one of the many Companies here in Louisville Kentucky providing Professional Floor Cleaning Services. If you are on this page is because you are researching Zorerez Louisville or you are not happy with their services.  You may be ready to Hire Another Carpet Cleaning Company in Louisville KY. Here at Rodriguez Cleaning Services, we are more than happy to take care of all your cleaning needs.

Let’s Get into Some Comparation and Share with You what You Get when you Hire Rodriguez carpet and Rug Cleaning in Louisville KY.

Any Textile Cleaning or Restorations Need We can Help you With?

Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Louisville and Rodriguez Cleaning Louisville

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Zerorez Louisville and Rodriguez Cleaning Louisville both offer a 100% Money back guarantee. Which means you can get a free cleaning if you are not Happy.

Here At Rodriguez Cleaning Service, we will rush back to your place. Fix or Improve anything that you are not happy with it. You also get 30 days of Free Spot. You can call and Will will come back to retouch anything for you. Have on Mind that some stains are permanent.

No Soap is Lingering/ Cleaning system or Equipment.

Both Companies use State Of Art trucks Mount IICRC and Equipment. Which allows maximum Soil removal without leaving any residue or sticky feeling behind.

Now Zerorez Louisville uses special ZR Water with specific properties.

Rodriguez Cleaning Services in Louisville Uses 100% deionized Pure Water, Hospital Grade. The same water that is used to clean the equipment is used in surgeries and dialyzes. Both water characteristics are similar but are not the same.

The Use of a Commercial Grade truck Mount for water extraction is actually the secret to a fast drying time. This is what we have to offer you with Rodriguez Carpet Cleaning Services.

Harsh Chemicals or Safe Products.

Nowadays a truly Professional Carpet cleaning Knows that we can not use any harsh chemicals in Homes, Why? You are the customer and we are in business because of you. Our Priority is the safety of your loved ones and You.

Quality of service can be achieved by the use of Tested and Certified Products and Procedures.

Cleaning Training and Education

At Rodriguez Cleaning Services we are huge believers in working and using Proven systems for Cleaning. All our carpet cleaning specialists are trained and certified by the IICRC. This organization ensures that each carpet cleaning technician follows carpet and Rug Cleaning manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning.