Louisville Area Rug Cleaning

Do you notice fading on the color of your area rugs? Its been several years since you hire a professional to clean your oriental area rug. You may have a few spots or your dog had an accident and smells bad. Rodriguez Area Rug Cleaning Louisville KY,  can help you with these issues, just call 502-365-6779. 

Area Rug Cleaning Louisville KY

In 2012, Dayron the Owner of Rodriguez Area Rug Cleaning Louisville, KY decided to open the doors to offer our beautiful city the service of Louisville the best area rug cleaning service. His goals have always been the offer the most outstanding service experience ever or it’s Free. Yes, that’s right. Dayron and his team have an outstanding work ethic and passion for cleaning. Especially those fine and unique area rugs.

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Dayron says that cleaning area rugs is like restoring art. Each area rug is unique and delicate which make every day more interesting for him. Create a unique cleaning plan turn into a challenge many times. But as he says the goal is to safely clean the rug and bring it back to life.

Rodriguez Cleaning Services has been your Premier Louisville area rug cleaning company since 2012. Deep Cleaning and high-quality service is not the only values you get when you hire us to do your Oriental area rug cleaning Louisville.

Rodriguez Cleaning Services has five values that we are known for: Reputation, Experience, Education, Systems, Guarantee.

Unique Features of Rodriguez Area Rug Cleaning Louisville KY

No matter the size of your area rug, type of fiber or construction, when you bring your area rug to us or we come out to pick it up. Your Area rug will always receive deep and gentle washing services but on top of these benefits here is a few more benefits you get:

Reputation: Rodriguez Cleaning Services is your 5 starts rated company in Louisville. Many known Interior designer in Louisville like Lee W Robison, Amy Wagner, Lisa Lynn on some other ones exclusively refer our Louisville are rug cleaning to their clients.

Experience: Over the years we have cleaned thousands of Area rugs in Louisville. These rugs are mostly made of wool and silk but we had cleaned most of the fibers and soiling conditions know to our industry.

Education: Your Area rugs are in good hands with us. At Rodriguez Cleaning Services, we are IICRC certified in oriental rug cleaning as well as fine fabric cleaning.

Systems: When your Area rugs are cleaned at our Louisville area rug cleaning plant, your area rug will receive a deep cleaning with the latest safe solutions for wool and newest cleaning equipment on the market.

Guarantee: At Rodriguez Cleaning Services we believe that you the client shouldn’t take the risk of hiring the wrong company and this is the reason we offer 100% Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.