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Pet damage and Odor Removal

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Pet damage and Odor Removal How to remove pet odor and fix the damage Pet Damage and odor, is a hot topic to cover. When You are dealing with Odor is a little harder because there are many reason and sources that could be generating the Odor.  When you have pet damage you will see [...]

Not all the carpet cleaning companies in Louisville KY are the same. Part 1

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    Not all the carpet cleaning companies in Louisville KY are the same. Part 1 When you are in the carpet cleaning business and you are involve in the cleaning process too, you see the market differently. Louisville may seem to you as an small city but our city is not what it looks. There [...]

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Six Fresh Spring Cleaning Ideas

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Six Fresh Spring Cleaning Ideas Spring is in the air. Unfortunately, it may not be in your house just yet. If you want your house to feel as fresh as the weather outside, you may want to give spring cleaning a try this year. If you are not sure where to start, here is [...]

5 Easy Steps to Protect Your Flooring Investment

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5 Easy Steps that you can follow to protect your carpeting investment.   Check my Warranty. Most of the carpet retailers have Copies of specific warranties on your carpet purchase. Stain resist warranties can vary from 5 to 20 years. ALL STAIN RESIST WARRANTIES REQUIRE REGULAR PROFESSIONAL CLEANING AND IMMEDIATE SPOT REMOVAL.  Vacuum, Vacuum, [...]

Why Should I have Clean Windows

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Why Should I wash My windows ? How often do you wash your windows? Once a year? Twice a year? Never? You know it is not enough. You are probably sitting at your living room, desk or in your office looking out the window, trying to see if it is a beautiful day and there [...]

How to Improve your Indoor Air Quality

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What can I do to improve my indoor air quality? Here’s a list of 11 things you can do to improve your residential or commercial  Indoor Air Quality (IEQ) Keep your walkways, Driveways and entry areas in your home or business litter free and clean. Use the right sized for your entry mats to remove [...]

Carpet Benefits and Advantages

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Carpet Benefits and Advantages Carpet is a popular floor fitting, prized for its warmth, versatility, insulation abilities and the protection it provides unfinished floors. If you’re considering installing carpeting in your home, keep reading to learn about the benefits and advantages of this practical and fashionable product. Safety First and foremost, a carpeted floor is [...]

Dust Mites Allergies

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Did you know that Dust Mites are the principle cause of asthma and allergies in our country?        What Are Dust Mites?    Dust Mites are microscopic creature, tiny arachnids, with closely relation with spiders and ticks that live in carpets, blankets, pillows, mattresses, and others soft materials. They are technically not insects, but they are [...]

Home Holiday Safety Tips

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Home Holiday Safety Tips Home Holiday Safety Tips By: Danny Lipford While the holiday season is a time of joy, it can also pose many dangers. Every year about 8,000 injuries occur from accidents related to holiday decorating activities. Christmas trees alone are involved in hundreds of fires which result in almost 40 deaths each [...]