What Carpet Cleaners in Louisville KY do we have?

How Many Professional Carpet Cleaner Louisville KY, Are out there Working.

Our Beautiful City of Louisville as you know is growing and with this growing City, we also have a lot of companies starting out. How many Professional Carpet Cleaners in Louisville KY are open and operational? This is a great Question. But, it is a hard question to answer by a regular person. It is also a little hard for a carpet cleaner like me to answer.

The Carpet Cleaning and Restoration industry is not the best or most famous industry out there. There are a lot of cleaners and Restores out there who are uneducated. Is very sad for me to say it but it’s the Truth.

Why Would You call yourself a professional carpet cleaner if you watch a youtube video and went to Homedepot to rent a shampooer. Doing things like this, is what kills the industry. Many Carpet Cleaners claim that Been a Professional is not needed any more.

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I consider being a Professional Carpet Cleaner the person who takes training or a certification from the IICRC to learn the differences between Nylon and Cotton. How to clean each fiber and the steps needed to perform a high quality cleaning. I recently went out to do an area rug cleaning estimate on a 10 x 14 area rug made of cotton because the carpet cleaning company that cleaned the carpet didn’t clean rugs, specially rugs made of cotton. What is this? A carpet Cleaning Company that walks away from cotton. How can they call claim to be the best carpet cleaner in Louisville. Most fine upholstery is made of Cotton. Are they also walking away from Upholstery Cleaning or they don’t clean the ones made of cotton.Every Carpet Cleaning Company in Louisville that I know offer upholstery cleaning in their website. Be careful when you hire someone to clean your carpets or upholstery.

Going back to best carpet cleaner Louisville company. They did something right. Walk away from this area rug cleaning because if they don’t know how to clean cotton they probably didn’t know the cotton’s property. The most important characteristic is that cotton hold moisture. This cotton area rug was on top of a beautiful hardwood floor.

If this company cleaned this area rug in place this rug will be wet for over a day and the chances to damage this floors were very high. I’m glad they didn’t damage my new client’s house. Lets say one more time. My new {Client}.

Having The Right Training and Education will prevent a lot of issues for any carpet cleaner out there and for you the client.

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Coming back to Topic. How many carpet cleaners louisville KY. Go luck out there is all I can Tell you. No i’m kidding. Here is what you need to.

Call a few Friends and ask for Referrals. Call someone that you know is involve with construction, a realtors, your flooring dealer, your interior designer.

After you get some references, go online and check their reviews. Please check more than one place.

Check Google, Facebook, BBB Louisville and Any other place you want. After you check a few reviews call the company and ask several questions like. How you clean carpets? What is the drying time? Do you offer any guarantee on your work?

It may sound silly to you, but those are the question we get the most.

I  hope these short article helps you to find a Professional carpet cleaning Louisville. If you don’t want to waste time looking for a reliable carpet cleaning company just give us a call 502-365-6779 to receive the Most outstanding service experience ever or it’s Free.

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