11 Tips that will Improve your Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Allergies!

Keeping up with your Indoor Air Quality could be a challenge. The Air Quality inside of you home can be between two and five time more polluted than the outdoor air. If you add that we expend mostly the 90% of our time in our homes, that makes Indoor Air Quality a major concern for many of our customers. Everyday we receive questions like: How can I improve the indoor air quality in my home? How I can reduce the pollution in my home? What do you recommend to reduce allergies?

To keep you family healthy and reduce the pollution inside of your home there are many things you can do. You need to make sure you house is well ventilated. These eleven tips are only few simple steps you can follow that will help you.

Tips to improve indoor air quality and allergies.

  • First if you are a smoker, we recommend to light up you cigar outside. Cigars are very harmful, never ever allow anybody to smoke inside of you house. There is no safe level of secondhand smoke, that means the cigar smoke will affect you the same as if you smoke. What happens when you smoke inside the nicotine odor get stick on you walls, that cause an strong odor which is one of the biggest cause of poor indoor air quality. If someone in your house suffer asthma or allergies this odor will only makes everything worse for them. That is why we recommend not to smoke inside.
  • Another important tip is Change your Air Filter. We all know we have to change the air filter every two or three months, but sometimes we just forget to do it. If you change the air filter monthly this will help to keep your air ducts cleaned, and the air will be cleaner. Also, because the filters are clean the unit will work more efficiently and will last longer. We recommend to check you Air filter every month and if you see there is a lot of dust, go ahead and change it. You will notice the diferente.
  • The Air duct cleaning is something that you should not overlook. The air ducts can trap a lot of dust and dirt. If your house is older than 10 years we recommend you to call a professional air duct cleaning company, which we are one of those, to inspect your vents and do the cleaning. If you want to know what signs look for, go to your return vents which are the longest and usually the are place on the bottom close to the floors and if they are dusty you should call a professional to inspect and clean them.
  • Next is to Get an Air Purifier if you have allergies. The Air Purifier or (Air Scrubber) is designed to pull in the air in your house and this machine has a hepa-filter that will completely trap dust and pollutants in the air, expelling only clean air. The Air will be purified and you will be breathing fresh and clean air.
  • HEPA Filter for your vacuum and Air Scrubber. This is another important tip mostly if you have allergies. Like i said, the hepa filter is the most powerful filter to trap pollutants,
  • dust, pet dander, etc. If you are concern about your allergies before purchasing a vacuum cleaner make sure it came with hepa filter this will help you clean more the air.
Improve air quality and reduce allergies
  • Another tip is Vacuuming more often at least twice a week. In the carpet construction we have the backing of the carpet and the fibers. Fibers on the carpet work as a filter. They trap all the dust and by vacuuming you are removing all the dust, pet dander out of your carpet. Sometimes we think Hardwood floors are better for people with allergies. Unfortunately that is not accurate. Hard surfaces doesn’t help with allergies. Why? Is simple all the dust is in the air because hard surfaces can not trap dust that means you will end up breathing that dust.
  • Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning and Within 18 month clean your carpet professionally.
  • Do an Spring or Fall cleaning: Regular cleaning keep you house in good shape but is not as deep as a spring or fall cleaning. We recommend to do one of those. By doing it you collect all the dust that is deposited every day on those areas that are not cleaned regularly. If you move your furniture you will see what are talking about. Move the furniture, clean baseboards, and you will be impress with all the dust you will find.
  • Bathe your pets. This is another and very important tip. Pets like humans has death cells in their skin, by giving your pets a bath or brushing them, you are removing the pet dander. Controlling pet dander will help you reduce asthma and allergies too.
  • Keep the humidity Low. By keeping the humidity level between thirty and fifty percent will help you with the indoor air quality. If the humidity goes above fifty percent there is a good chance that in a dark place you will have mold growing. Having low humidity will keep the risk of mold low. Try to keep it down, a dehumidifier can help.
  • Our last tip is Open your windows. If you think the air quality outside is worse than the air inside, probably not. We recommend you to check the weather how is the air quality in your area and open windows and door. If you are painting, by opening windows and doors will be the only way to remove that strong odor.

Improve the air quality can be frustrating if you don’t know what to do, but if you follow these simple tips you will notice the difference. Your house will be less dusty and your lungs will feel so much better. We hope this help you and is you have any questions about our Air Duct Cleaning Service give us a call 502-365-6779.

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