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Water Damage Louisville KY

Professional 24/7 Emergency Water Extraction Service In Louisville. Your Water Damage Situation is in the right hands now.  

Emergency Water damage Restoration Louisville


After a flood or a water back up , Rapid Response is crucial in order to prevent any future water damage or mold growing which can bring health issues to you and your family. A emergency water damage in any area of your home like your basement, kitchen or laundry room requires a professional restoration company Like Rodriguez Cleaning Services available to you 24/7 hours to take care of your emergency water damage. Our Emergency Water Damage Technicians takes action immediately and use the latest equipment and procedures to extract the water from the affected areas. Rodriguez Cleaning Services Water damage Louisville priority is to cleanup and restore your home and surrounded areas to the original situation. A crucial part in your water damage is the flooring, walls and other materials drying process, which will be closely monitor and documented to ensure your property is properly dried to prevent future water damage Louisville. Our 24 hour emergency water damage extraction team will always be there for you.

Every emergency water damage or flooded house is different, and requires a unique solution. But the process stays the same. There are steps that always need to be follow in order to restore your property. We have listed the steps that we follow to take care of your emergency flood situation or your property damaged by water here in Louisville KY.

An important step on any emergency water damage will be to protect yourself and your property. Check our Emergency Water damage Tips. For immediately assistant call or office at 502-365-6779. If You are in the need of an emergency water extraction services call right now. Our Professional Technicians Will come out to your property within hours.

Rodriguez Cleaning Services process to return your flooded property to a normal situation.

Water Damaged, Flood LouisvilleStep 1 – Emergency Contact

When you call, Rodriguez Cleaning Services an customer service representative will ask you several questions that will help us to evaluate the situation and respond to your flood emergency quicker. The more information you give us the easier will be for us to assist you.

Step 2 – Inspection .

Rodriguez Cleaning Services emergency water crew will carefully inspect your property’s water damage to determining the type of water damage and category, This category can change from clean water, gray water to black water that is mostly sewage or water coming from the out side. The areas affected including all your belongings . This is step is very important to create and organize an effective plan of action that will ensure a fast and successful restoration of your property.

Step 3 – Emergency Water Removal or Extraction

After any flood hundreds or thousands of gallons of water get on your floors, wall and personal items. This water needs to be removed. Rodriguez Cleaning Services using powerful truck mount pumps and vacuums  will extract all this water intermediately . The Emergency Response Crew  will start working on the cleanup and extraction as soon as they can. They will do a very deep-down  water extraction to prevent further damage and mold growing.

Step 4 – Dehumidification and Drying 

When all the water is been extracted Rodriguez Cleaning Services Professionals will use specialized equipment like dehumidifiers, Air movers and some other equipment to  dry the area that is been affected. The structure drying process is done by an evaporation process.  They will try to save and dry as much as they can which will save you time and money. We are not a construction company, we restoration company which means that we will save and restore as much as possible.

Step 5 – Professional Cleaning and Sanitizing

Your Furniture, personal items and belongings can be affected by the flood/ Water Damage. Rodriguez Cleaning Services can also help you with the cleaning of this items. They can clean and restore this items for you. Rodriguez Cleaning Services will apply green cleaning antimicrobial to all the belongings, walls floors and every surface that was touched by the water. Our priority is to prevent mold growing from this water damage.

Emergency ,Fast and Rapid Response Louisville.


For immediately assistance please call us at 502-365-6779 

I am a contractor, Rodriguez has done cleanups for me on my jobs and on emergency water extraction. Very conscientious. Does an outstanding job.
Kennan F, Foy Contraction and Home Improvemnt