What You Need To Know Before You Buy An Oriental Rug

Who has a rug in there home? I want to see a show of hands. I’m sure your reason for getting one isn’t just because it looks nice. Whether that is in your living room or under your dining room table. Rugs don’t just provide that decorative flare that you’re looking for. They also serve as comfort and warmth… Especially during these cold winter months! Plus, we all love secrets, right? I’m about to reveal to you what the secret is in buying a good rug.

First, I want to go over the two types of rugs that you can find. Those would be a hand made rug or a hand tufted rug. I’m just going to throw in a few differences, so you know what to look for when you’re trying to differentiate between the two.

  • When it comes to a handmade rug the main difference is that fact that the cloth is not apparent on the back of the rug. This means that the backing of the rug will not be the cloth that is apparent on the top.
  • The hand tufted rugs will have the cloth showing on the back. This will not take as much time to make like the handmade, nor will it be as expensive. However, these rugs will be just as authentic as the handmade.

You’re going to think I’m crazy for saying this, but the key to a good rug is shown by looking at the back side of the rug. I know… before you leave me, let me explain why that is.

The backing will tell you all you need to know. Like if it is a hand made or hand tufted rug. Also, this will give you the quality of the rug you are looking to purchase. The simplest way I can explain it is to take a quarter with you when you are out shopping for your rug. I know I am sounding even more crazy as the article goes on but hang in there with me. There is a reason behind taking the quarter with you on your rug shopping adventure.

The steps to checking your quality of rug is fairly simple. So, let me explain. First you will need to flip a corner of the rug over. After this is done you will take out your trusty quarter and place it on the backing of the rug. After you have placed the quarter on the rug you will need to look at the knots on the backing of the rug. The tighter the knots as well as the more knots that are in an area the higher the quality of the rug. A pretty simple and painless explanation, right?

Another way of checking out the quality of rug that you are about to purchase is to feel the rug. I know that sounds sill, trust me. However, feeling of a rug can tell you a lot about it’s quality. For example, if the fibers of the rug seem to be tighter you are looking at a thicker rug. This means that there are more fibers per square inch.

Also, it is very important that you get those rugs maintained professionally. Getting your rugs cleaned is like taking care of your hair. To maintain maximum life out of your hair it needs to me maintained, and your rugs are no different.


These were just a few tips for you guys out there that have any hesitation on how to make sure you are getting good quality for your money. If you have any other questions about either purchasing or maintaining your area rugs feel free to give us a call at Rodriguez Cleaning & Restoration Services. Our number is 502-365-6779.