What you need to know about your Return Air Ducts.

Your HVAC System has a lot of parts that need to work together to achieve maximum performance of your ventilation system. Your return vents are an integral part of the system in your Louisville, KY home.

They work as a pressure regulator in your home. The air ducts clean the interior air of your home by pulling all the contaminants to the air filter in which then goes to the air handler to be push out to the rest of the house.

You as the home or building owner should know where they are, how many you have, as well as their condition.

Return Vents Regulate the Air Pressure in your Home.

Most return vents are bigger because you don’t have as many as regular air vents.

Your regular air vents are the ones in charge of bringing clean and fresh air into the home. This means that you are creating positive pressure because you are adding air into an open space.

The air needs to go somewhere. Whether this is outside or back into the system. Your air returns are the ones in charge of creating the pressure balance. By pulling air in and creating negative pressure we are now creating a balance stated above.

Air out (Positive) Air in (Negative) creates the balance we are looking to achieve.

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You may not have enough Return Vents at Home.

If you have a musky smell, chances are you’re not circulating the air correctly. This could mean you don’t have the number of return vents you need in your home. If you hear a whistle around your furnace or a return vent that is because you don’t have enough returns. This causes the air handler to force the air to come through holes in the systems.

Some older homes have one big return installed near the furnace. This could be in a main area of the home. If this is your case, you should consider updating your system. Updating the system will help improve the efficiency of the system in your home.

What is recommend but also more efficient is to have a return in each room of your house. This allows the system to recirculate the air and pull contaminates from the entire house.  Which also allows your system to last longer as well as clean the home longer.

Having return vents in each room allows for lower humidity in your home. By doing so, this is controlling bad odor and keeps mold from growing. Return vents are recommended to be installed in the wall. This is because cold air tends to stay on the floor, and you are wanting the hot air to come from the top of the walls.

Can You Clean Your Return Vents Yourself?

Dealing with your Furnace is dangerous. We recommend you hire a Certified HVAC Technician or a Professional Air Duct Cleaning Company in Louisville, KY. You can clean your return vents, but the air filter won’t allow you to go into the furnace. To clean your return air ducts, you will first need to find the return. To simply find the return, take a piece of paper and place it in front of each register to see if it gets pulled inward.

Remove the vent and clean it. You may do so by taking the hose of your vacuum cleaner and clean as much as you can. After this is done, go to the furnace and change out the air filter. Do not forget to follow the air filter manufacture instruction on the changing frequency. We recommend to our clients that they change their air filter at least once a month.

Doing this kind of cleaning is not the best but it will help you. If you have allergies and want a better cleaning, you can call a Professional. Rodriguez Cleaning Service is your air duct cleaning  company for Louisville, Ky.

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