Top 10 Reasons Carpets Impact Your Health

Sure, dirty carpets don’t look great, but have you ever thought about how dirty carpets affect your health? Believe it or not, they can have a pretty big impact on your health. That’s why proper carpet cleaning and care are so important. While you can find plenty of great articles (and services!) that go over just what it takes to get your carpet clean and safe, we’ll be discussing the Top 10 Reasons Carpets Impact Your Health.

There is a Huge Misconception about carpet been good or bad for people with allergies. Here is the easy explanation for you and you will come up with the answer. Your carpet work as an Air Filter or Dust Filter in Your Home. Those Fibers will catch all the dust and soil you bring in the house or the one is traveling throughout your house. When this dust settles on the floor gets trap in the carpet fiber and doesn’t go anywhere unless you come with a vacuum cleaner or a carpet cleaning machine and get it out.

If you don’t have carpet in your house when the dust settles on your hardwood floors or any other hard surface flooring as soon as you have some air movement the dust will star traveling again as well as all the contaminants that are in those dust particles.

The More Dust we have flying around the house more pollutants and irritants we breath in and we start having allergies crisis. The Answer to the question if Carpets are good For people with allergies is yes!

Here you will find some scary factors of the risks of having carpets in your home.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Carpet Impact Your Health

1. Dirt & Grease are a Carpet’s Best Friends

Whether you, your kids, or your pets are the main culprit, anyone (or thing) that walks across your carpet leaves an oily residue and track a lot dry soiling. Over time the combination of body oil, dry soil and wet spills acts as a magnet for dirt and grime. Together, it forms a sort of gross glue. Over time, this can start to taint the color of your carpet, as well as cause some serious allergy and health issues.


2. Carpet Backing is a Dust Trap.

If you’ve ever handled carpet, you’ve probably noticed the netted bottom that’s called the backing of the carpet. It helps keep the fibers of your carpet together. But it also creates a dust trap. How exactly? Well, it’s very easy for dirt to get trapped in the netting but exceptionally hard for your vacuum cleaner to suck it back up once it’s down there. It’s possible but your vacuum cleaner needs to be in great conditions and you need to vacuum regularly to avoid build up. Even if you religiously clean your carpets, it’s likely that you won’t be able to get the dirt, sand, and grit that has built up in the backing of the carpet.

3. Germs and Bacterial Love to Hang Out in Carpet

Initially, carpet can seem like a great idea. After all, it can act as a filter by taking dangerous pollutants like residues, tars, cigarette smoke, bacteria, chemicals, fungi, and pollen. Not too bad, right? The problem starts once the carpet has taken all it can. Once it’s “filter” is “full”, rather than trapping these pollutants, it holds on to them. This means that you’re constantly being exposed to all toxins you’d probably rather not be around. The worst part is, you can’t really get rid of these unhealthy pollutants without getting and maintaining professional carpet cleaning services.

4. Dust Mites = More Suffering

It’s not a secret that carpets are home to dust mites. But what you might not know is that the excrement from dust mites can trigger asthma attacks. It doesn’t stop there, however. It also traps proteins known to cause rhinitis, eczema, and asthma attacks. It’s not uncommon for people who suddenly have flare-ups or a resurgence of issues you thought you had gotten over, it’s likely that the answer is your carpet.

Dust Mites in Carpets

5. Carpets Get “Swol” – with Dirt

Here’s a rather disturbing fact. One that will have you running to your nearest carpet cleaner ASAP. Carpets can hold at minimum 4x their weight in dust, dirt, grit, and all another manner of filth. This can include insect feces & husks, general allergens, volatile organic compounds, mold, bacteria, dust, dead skin cells, urine, hair, pet dander, dust mites, and – of course – dirt. Even a strenuous vacuum schedule of 2 – 3 weeks just isn’t enough to get your carpets clean.

6. 5-Second Rule? Try the 4-Week Rule…

It’s completely harmless. You drop a bit of food on the floor, pick it up, inspect it for debris, and pop it in your mouth. No big deal, right? While it may not seem like anything serious, bacteria can live in your carpet for up to four weeks at a time, and the carpet is a great breeding ground to ensure future generations. So next time you drop some food on your carpet, think twice before eating it!

7. Ditch Your Shoes Before You Walk on Carpet

It can be easy to overlook. You come home from a hard day’s work and you walk straight to the front room, kitchen, or bedroom. You only take your shoes off after you’ve relaxed for a little while. But this is a huge “no-no” for carpet owners. When you walk in shoes across your carpet, not only do you obviously put more dirt and grit into it, you also grind down existing dirt. Wearing shoes on carpet is one of the reasons spills and stains get so deep into the carpet.

8. Food Poisoning from Your Carpet?

Okay, so it’s not actually food poisoning, but the Norovirus has very similar symptoms. It can cause intense stomach problems similar to the stomach flu. The worst part? Your carpet can play host to the virus for up to six weeks, and every step or roll across it sends the virus airborne. This means if the Norovirus is in your carpet, every step puts you at risk for one awful ride!

9. Carpet or Toilet: Which is Cleaner?

Carpeting is so comfy and can keep your feet warm in the winter and prevent serious bumps when baby falls down. It can also be used to add color to your room and give your home a more luxurious feel. However, carpet is one of those things that lets “dirtiness” compound over time. This germ-infested comfort can attract all types of nasty organisms and has been proven to be up to 4,000x dirtier than the seat of your toilet.

10. Clean it Like Your Wardrobe

We wash so much stuff on a regular basis – dishes, wooden floors, countertops, windows, clothes, and so on. Think about when we wash those things. Daily? After use? When they look a little dirty? Treat your carpet like your wardrobe. Clean it regularly. Clean it when it gets dirty. Clean it after someone around the house has been sick. And while you can absolutely clean the carpet yourself, it’s important to professionals take care of your dirty carpets at regular intervals.

So now that you know how dirty carpets affect your health, you know how important it is to take care of them. Once you start a proper carpet care routine, you may be surprised how much better you and your family feel!

How Often Should I Vacuum My carpets?

There is a big confusion in how often you should vacuum your carpets. If you just wait until you see the soiling(dirt) is to late. When you see the dirt that means the fiber in your carpets is full of soiling. Don’t wait until you see the dirt, Put it in your schedule to clean every Wednesday and Saturday if you use those areas.

If you have a basement that you never use a vacuum once or twice a week but never let it go for a month.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets Professionally?

Most Carpet Manufactures recommend having your carpet professionally clean within 18 months after you have them installed. Going out and renting a Carpet Shampooers at Walmart or Home Depot is not consider doing a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service or Cleaning.

We recommend our Clients to use those for spot cleaning if you use them Properly. But Having Your Carpet Professionally cleaner mean to Hire A Company That uses safety and Approves Carpet cleaning Method as well as Solutions.

Most Carpets Mills Recommend Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning which is known as Steam Cleaning.

Before You hire the first carpet cleaning company you find only you want to make sure they are IICRC certified, this means they took training and understand what it takes to clean your carpets properly.

If you have Kids, Pets or have people coming over frequently forget about the 18 Month period your carpet will tell you how soon you need to call a professional.