What is to be a professional area rug cleaner or a professional on any other trade?

Been a Professional area rug cleaning service provider or a professional service provider on any other trade is not just to call ourselves professionals. If I was planning to hire a professional to help me at home or at my business, I will look for someone with the experience or reputation I can trust.

Today days most people just try to save money and many of us know that we get what we pay for. As Zig Ziglar would say. Pay say no because they don’t know enough jet. Please do your homework before you make any decision.

What is to be a professional area rug cleaning company?

What would I look for if I were you very Simple? Who are they? What they know? Do they know how to do it? What about if they do something wrong? There are many Question you can ask any professional area rug cleaner in Louisville but here are the ones we recommend.

What kind of Education Do you have?

Very Simple, many companies in town claim to be professional carpet cleaner and rug cleaner but are they professionals? There is a certification from the IICRC that basically will teach you how to clean carpets but if you what to learn how to clean area rug you need to spend around a week hand on training. 

That’s what you need to look for. Are you just a IICRC certified carpet cleaner or you also have a fine fabric and Oriental Rug Cleaning Certification. 

When you get your certification you learn about fibers like wool, silk, catton and some other ones. If you use the wrong solutions on wool you could end up with dye migration or bleeding. Do you want this to happen on your rug? Probably not.

How do you clean my Rugs? What System do you use?

There are many safe ways to clean your fine area rug but the most recommend way is call full immersion if is it possible. Hand knotted Rug can most of the time be fully immersed but many of the other ones are a little risky.

When you do a full inmersion is like putting your rug in a washer mashing. You will receive a deep cleaning. There are many companies that they do only surface cleaning. This is done with the regular carpet cleaning equipment carpet cleaners use when they are at your home.

You want some that will offer a deep and gentle area rug cleaning service.

Do you have any Guarantee?

At Rodriguez Cleaning Services, we offer a 100% Money back guaranteed on all our service. Why do we do this? Very Simple, we don’t want you to take any risk when you hire us. We are the ones taking the risk of losing your business. We want to earn your business every minute we can.

Don’t hire a company with out a guarantee. 

Do you have a Reputation in Louisville?

Many ways people claim to gain reputation with the years and it’s true but i have seen many company with 30 years in business and very low quality service. Reputation don’t come with the years. Reputation come with your values. If you are a hard worker and you like what you do, you will always do a great job and the word will get around. 

At Rodriguez Cleaning Services, we ensure that each and every clients that trust us with cleaning of their rugs receive an outstanding service. Today days many High End Realtors, Interior Designer and Flooring Professionals refer our services exclusively.

Do you want to use the company your interior designer or realtor uses at home?

What are others saying about you? Do you have any online Reviews?

Now days what do we do? We just go online and find the best company. How do we do this? Very Simple. We do to google and type” Professional Rug Cleaning Service Louisville” and we call the first one. Big mistake. Those first listing you see are paid ads. They are not the best.

You need to read google reviews. Look for the yellow starts and make sure you read those reviews. Many companies buy those reviews. You need to look for details in those reviews.

We don’t have as many reviews as many other companies because we don’t ask for reviews all the time and they are some companies that will discount their service in exchange for a 5 start review. Do you want that?


If you are in the market for a professional carpet cleaner or oriental area rug cleaner make sure you ask a lot of questions and please don’t ask for price as your first question. Remember there are companies that advertise low price to get on your door and after they are there you will end up paying more. 

Always go first with your friends and ask them if they can refer you with someone reliable. Ask all this question to your friend and if they can’t answer this questions call their company they recommended and ask the question to them.

Don’t forget if You are in Louisville Kentucky Looking for a reliable and trusted professional area rug cleaning company you know who to call. Rodriguez Cleaning Services will provide you with the most outstanding service experience ever.

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