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Can a Professional Carpet Cleaning Louisville Innovate to Get the work Done?

Rodriguez Cleaning Services is not only your prefer Professional Carpet Cleaning Louisville Company. We are also the company that will innovate if its needed. Our Carpet Cleaning Services as well as any other service is very easy to perform or be done by any of our technicians or myself because we have steps and procedures we follow every time we offer the service.

But Being a Preferred Professional Carpet Cleaning Service provider in Louisville has its pros and cons. Our Business is growing rapidly and with the grow comes more work and bigger homes.

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Working on these big homes is good for the business from the amount of work point of view but the cons with this size job is how much is involve.

Working in High End Home takes a lot of attention to details and having the right equipment.

This Home we just worked on it. Was about 18 K Square feet Home, Three Level Home and Works needed to be done in two levels. Firstly We had to work in the basement on a few spots and some loose nylon area rugs.

Second we had some spots on the Master Bedroom which was located at front of the House.

Around 100 Feet away from the Master Bedroom we had the other room we had to Clean and here is the fun Part.

Our Carpet Cleaning Louisville Services is done with a commercial truck Mount Machine. This System is known by what many people call steam Carpet Cleaning. Our Carpet Cleaning Method is what carpet mills recommend you when you buy brand new carpet to maintain it.

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Doing these areas will take to move three times our truck to prevent scratching their brand new hard wood floors. Moving three times will increase the cost of the cleaning because of the time that will be involve in all the moving. But Here is what we did.

We clean Two Areas from one set up. The Other Area was Clean through a Window, Right Through a Window.

Let Me Explain this to you.

Carpet Cleaning Louisville

This house is so well design but one of our referral partner, Lee W Robinson in Louisville that he made our work much easier. Here is what he has done.

This house has a hidden Driveway going to the back under grass. Yes Hidden. The Home owner showed us where to drive and which window to Use.

We carry all our equipment up stairs including some floors mats. One for the floor and Another for the window. We wrapped the window with the floor mat and every was fine. Yes, that simple.

Being a professional takes to innovate and fine the right solution for your client issues.

From my view point Here is What I did. Firstly I got the job done without damaging my client House.

I shared with him my idea and asked for a feed back. He agreed and specially I was able to safe them some money because we didn’t have to move our truck one more time.

My Goal Was to Get the Work done without cutting any corner and damaging anything at your home.

When You Hire Rodriguez Cleaning Services to assist you with any Professional Carpet Cleaning Louisville. You will always receive a custom cleaning plan that will ensure you cleaning issue gets taken care.

This is what you get when You call Us at 502- 365-6779. Personal Touch, A Lot of education and attention to details.