How to improve productivity and create a great work environment.

How to improve productivity and create a great work environment. For those Business Owners, CEO, HR Directors, General Manager or any other person in charge of keeping the company running or employees retention. Please stop looking outside or taking seminars to learn best practices to improve productivity or employee retention. Improve the productivity and retention [...]

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Best Area Rug Cleaner Louisville

Best Area Rug Cleaner Louisville How Many Professional Oriental Area Rug Cleaners do we have in Louisville?  It's sad to see how many area rug cleaner Louisville claim to be professionals, they also advertise to be the (best) or the company with more years in the market (experience).I recently did some estimates for a client [...]

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Louisville Innovates to Get Work Done.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Louisville Can a Professional Carpet Cleaning Louisville Innovate to Get the work Done? Rodriguez Cleaning Services is not only your prefer Professional Carpet Cleaning Louisville Company. We are also the company that will innovate if its needed. Our Carpet Cleaning Services as well as any other service is very easy to perform [...]

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Carpet Cleaner Louisville KY

Carpet Cleaner Louisville KY do we have Here? How Many Professional Carpet Cleaner Louisville KY, Are out there Working. Our Beautiful City of Louisville as you know is growing and we this growing of the City, we also have a lot of companies starting out. How many Professional Carpet Cleaner Louisville KY are operating in [...]

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Coit Louisville Carpet Cleaning Alternative

Coit Louisville Carpet Cleaning Alternative. Looking for a Coit Carpet Cleaning Alternative? If You live here in Louisville You know that Coit Carpet Cleaning Louisville is the Biggest Carpet Cleaning Company in our beautiful City of Louisville. Does been the bigger means they are the Best? I don't Think so. Are They Good ? Yes [...]

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Top 6 Carpet Cleaning Machines 2017 to 2018

Top 6 Carpet Cleaning Machines  July 2017 - 2018 Reviews    With our extensive experience in the carpet, upholstery and air duct cleaning industry, Rodriguez Cleaning Services compared numerous carpet cleaning machines that are currently offered on Amazon to determine the list of the top 6 best carpet cleaning machines for 2017 and the one [...]

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4th of July Firework Fruit Kabobs

Ingredients: A set of skewers (the ones pictured are bamboo, 6 in.) A mini seedless watermelon (or half a large watermelon) Blueberries (7-10 per average sized skewer) Star cookie cutter   Instructions: Step 1: Wash blueberries, sticks, and slice watermelon to fit the width of the star cutter (1-inch thick). Step 2: Slide the blueberries [...]

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What Is a to Be a Professional Area Rug Cleaning Company.

What is to be a professional area rug cleaner or a professional on any other trade? Been a Professional area rug cleaning service provider or a professional service provider on any other trade is not just to call ourselves professionals. If I was planning to hire a professional to help me at home or at [...]

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