Top 7 Reasons for Air Duct Cleaning

Top 7 Reasons for Air Duct Cleaning No matter your age, health or living conditions. If your ducts are dirty is a matter of time for you to start having allergies, sneezing as well as your equipment breaking down. You may need some air duct cleaning done. It is very important to keep all air [...]

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How to remove a coffee spot or Stain from Your carpets?

How to Remove a Coffee Spot or Stain from your Carpets. How to use  products you have at home to remove spot on your carpets .   One of the most common spots we see everyday while cleaning carpets are the horrifying Coffee Spots. Coffee spots can ruin your brand new looking carpet or [...]

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Does Carpet and Fabric Protector Works?

Does carpet and Fabric Protector Works?  Importance of having protector applied to your fibers. Many of our customers when we offer them Carpet or Fabric Protector, they don't believe how well it works, some of them don’t know about the brand we use that is called Maxim, a lot of you know about schotgard. [...]

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How To Prevent Frozen and Burst Pipes?

How to prevent Frozen and burst Pipes? I want to share some tips with you that will help you save some dollars. As you probably notice the weather in Louisville KY is going up and down and what it will happen is that in a few days temperatures will get very low than many [...]

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Is your Sump Pump Working Properly

How Do you know is your Sump Pump is working properly? Been a Water Damage Restoration Company in Louisville allows us to see and deal with many issues most home owner don't see everyday. The most common issues for water damage in Louisville KY is failure of sump pumps. Your Sump Pump can fail to [...]

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